In criteria to serve as the basis

order to bring about desired changes in any person teaching and learning is
required. The act of an educator is to impart knowledge or skill to the
learner. The students are a product of the system where teaching is a task and
learning an objective. But for a successful teaching a teacher cannot
anticipate the task of learning.  In fact
teaching cannot be reduced to a set of general rules, or prescribed pattern of
behavior. Teaching requires certain activities of ethical condition as well.
Thus, we can say that teaching is a process of preparing a student for
independent action, informing them about conditioned behavior, uniformed beliefs,
and rules etcetera. It is a transformation process which trains and informs the
individual with explanations or evidence. The ability of a good teacher is
generally judged on the basis of students’ ability to grasp or learn quickly
and properly. A teacher is in most case held accountable for student’s progress
and learning despite of poor parenting, negative attitudes and other ills of
society. A teacher’s focus should be based on her role to bring out student
outcomes. Many evaluation methods are used to analyze students’ progress. To
assess the performance of student Mid Term Examinations, Assignments, Projects,
and Unit Tests, while a teacher’s performance is monitored through
Self-Appraisal Reports, Students’ Feedback, and Academic Results.


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todays globalized world quality is given preference over everything. After the
Independence of our country that is, in more than six decades there has been
considerable change in the quantitative expansion of higher education system. The
National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has been entrusted with
the responsibility of maintaining a quality education system in India after
evaluating the performances of the colleges. To usher quality the NAAC has
formed its own criteria to serve as the basis for assessment of all the
Colleges and Universities in India. These are the following seven criteria:

a.       Teaching-
learning and Evaluation

b.      Curriculum

c.       Research,
Extension Lectures and Consultancy

d.      Infrastructure
and Well Equipped Labs and other learning resources

e.       Student
support and Progression

f.       Management,
Leadership and Governance

g.      Innovations
and Best Practices

the above mentioned criterion Teaching, Learning and Evaluation holds the
utmost importance and is the most indispensable aspect. Any institution puts a
lot of efforts in this criterion to score good CGPA. This criterion has been
designed in the best suitable way to serve students from various strata of our
society so that they can effectively enhance their teaching- learning
experience. It is also focused on the continuous professional development of
the teaching staff who handles the programs of study. This technique
effectively evaluates the performance of both teacher and the students for
their adequacy, competence, learning and knowledge. This criterion focuses on
the following key aspects:

a.       Students’
strength and profile

b.      Quality
of Teacher

c.       The
Process of teaching & learning

d.      Process
of Evaluation

e.       New
teaching Reforms

f.       Catering
to diverse needs of Students