In all aspects of projects which mainly includes

In my opinion, it is completely acceptable to have PMO report to Chief or executives of such level.  I think it depends upon the responsibilities performed by PMO in the organization and how top level management would prefer to execute their projects.If we look at the  “Creating Methodology” case study, initially they don’t have any project management methodology in place implemented and they don’t have PMO appointed to lead the projects. PMO role was introduced to effectively lead the enterprise project management (EPM), when president asked the executive team to implement project management methodology in the organization with in six months.As per case study background, it is clear that, this company PMO plays vital role in managing all aspects of projects which mainly includes deciding the various phases of project lifecycle, deciding the best suitable design methodology considering the client needs, enforcing the ways to capture the EPM best practices, monitoring each phase to reduce the gap between each stages, documentation and training etc. In all these stages, he/she might have to interact and report to various levels of executives depending on the stage of project. If the PMO have to manage multiple projects, then he/she might need to prepare portfolio, plan the budget, manage the timelines. In such cases, in fact having direct interaction with higher officials would help the PMO to make decisions fast and deliver the projects faster.Also, we have studied the same in this chapter that is “PMO would need to report to several levels in an organization based on the phase of project life cycle. For an example during the project planning stage, project manager (PMO) might need to report to higher executives, during development stage, it could be with middle level or lower level executives”. So, considering the PMO responsibilities mentioned in the case study and level of involvement PMO had in each phase, also from theory we have learnt through this chapter, it is acceptable for PMO to report to Chief information officer (CIO).