In the power is imposed in a

Discipline and Punish, Michel Foucault discussed the idea of modern form of
control and its revolutionary impact on the society. Historically, control is
exercised through means of explicit punishments such as public censure or
execution. However, it is proved ineffective since human is mind can be fickle and
subjected to compassion. SSK1 Oppositions
can emerge due to sympathy for the convicts. Punishment then is conducted by
the mean of solitary confinement in which an individual is made sure that he is
discerned of the state of constant surveillance. Bringing the idea of a prison
built with separated cells which the prisoners can feel the constant gaze of
the observer, prisoner would start to behave himself to the extent that he
would behave without the observer really watching. In a modern application,
this could be applied to the idea of CCTV. With the presence of the CCTV, crime
rate is proven to be minimised even with the CCTV deactivated.  Hence, a new concept of control, panopticism
is developed. Panopticism is the idea of disciplinary society under close
observation. Through
the mean of discipline or training, the objectification of individuals takes
place. Such objectification of docile individuals is imposed through
hierarchical observations, judgement based on “norm”, and examination which are
institutionalised in every aspects of everyday life. SSK2 Firstly,
hierarchical observation holds the observers as the “eyes that must not be
seen”. It is the condition in which the objects can feel the presence of the
observer but are not necessary able to detect the observer. This put the power
of the Eye of Providence to the observer as if he is God watching over petty
human being. In
this sense, the observer or the supervisor I in a superior position where the
power is imposed in a single top-down way. SSK3 Secondly,
through discipline, set of order is established to constantly regulate the
object in a hierarchical way. Individuals are measured in a ranking system that
put them in a competing term that distracts them away from the actual control
being imposed upon them and normalises the rule or set of ideals- normalising
judgment. Lastly, though gaze that normalises judgment; the ritualisation of
the judgment, examination is established. Examination operates as a qualification
and measure of the value of individual under the established criteria of the
authority. It is suggested by Foucault that discipline operates discreetly as a
form of power imposed on individuals to the extent that self-imposition
cooperates to the system of control. In a modern era, technological
developments generate increasingly successful authoritative gaze,
normalisation, and assessment. Thus, modern society has transform into a
hyper-society of self-monitoring docile bodies.


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