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In the book crucible they were people that believed in certain things until in thevillage in Salem there were young teenage girls that were working for people but somehowget attached to the emotionally or personally and when things went wrong the ran to a ladyto grant them wishes for things to come true to believe that it will happen herName was Tituba she was African American and she believed in everything and anythingSpiritually they would sneak off to the would bring whatever they need to do their ritualAnd grant their wishes to do so there was a teenage girl (Abigail Williams) that was theworker for john Proctor Who is the husband of Elizabeth Proctor and she had an affair withjohn proctor and they would sneak behind Elizabeth proctor to be together because johnproctor and Elizabeth were in a disagreement and when she found out she got rid of Abigailand Abigail went into the woods with the rest of the girls and she wished death on ElizabethProctor so she could be with John Proctor because he is the love of her life and that she waswilling to do anything to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor so she went to court telling lies thatshe seen the devil so the people of Saleem would believe her in having proof that she wasbeing bewitched and that people that said something they would report to the court and thatthey would be scapegoated for them assuming that they were witches and Abigail made thegirls keep up with the lie so people would get in trouble until Mary Warren told JohnProcor about what they were doing in the woods and how Abigail was trying to get rid ofElizabeth Proctor for getting rid of her and that she wanted to have an affair with Johnproctor so john went to the court and told them everything he did how he had an affair withAbigail and that he admitted being an Adulterer because she was only 17 but they askedElizabeth Proctor if he was telling the truth and she lied for him so she went to jail until hesaid he would confess everything and they took him to jail to let his wife go becauseElizabeth Proctor was pregnant but Abigail knew he would tell on himself because he lovedhis wife and her but she had money to run away and wanted John to run away with her buthe refused so the court told John Proctor to sign a paper to let him and his wife go but heRefuse to give the paper so John Proctor wife lived but he was hung to claim his name.