In since she’s out of her activity

In this story there was a disease that expelled the ability
for people to either read or discuss. In this story there is a woman and her
name is Rye who witnesses a fight on a bus between two men for no reason and
the battle was controllable. Then she meets a man named Obsidian. He saved her
for a 20 mile trip on foot in a really bad area. She discovers he can read and
engages executing him since she’s out of her activity since she could longer read.
She made it clear to him without actually speaking that she isn’t able to speak
but he seemed to have become a somewhat jealous. Rye invited Obsidian back to
her home, as things started to play out that night his mood slowly started to
change. Later in the story, Obsidian’s attempt to save a woman
from a man with a knife resulted in the death of all three, with Rye still
alive. A boy and a girl emerge from the building where the man and woman came
from and went to the dead woman. Rye decides to bury Obsidian and the woman
next to her husband and children, but the girl shouted “No!” to Rye’s surprise,
as she didn’t want Rye to take her. After the boy tells the girl not to speak,
Rye talks to the children to show them that she can speak as well, and takes
them with her.

In today’s lecture we discuss the author
Octavia E. Butler, also the teacher showed us some scenes with students about
one moment from the story which I think really cool because you can imagine how
it was in real life. I think in this speech was included slavery, victimization
and classism. Rye was almost ready to die. She didn’t have anything like family,
husband, kids and in one moment she got it and she received one more chance to live.
I think that the author wants to say us that we should never give up. Also there
is the second example, afro futurists have a interested in recovering lost
black history and thoughts about how that very same history tells a whole range
of African history.