In sombre void.” This illustrate as Ellen

In story of The Lamp at Noon by Sinclair Ross, there are three protagonists 1) Ellen- a mother and a wife, 2) Paul- a father and a farmer, 3) A baby- child of Ellen and Paul. Story starts with “A little before noon she lit the lamp.” This illustrates that even in afternoon time Ellen have to lit lamp in the house so that they can see each other. This means dust storm blocked off sunlight. “In dim, fitful outline the stable and oat granary still were visible; beyond, obscuring field and landmarks, the lower of dust cloud made the farmyard seem an isolated acre, poised aloft above a sombre void.” This illustrate as Ellen stood by window and look outside she barely saw any buildings that are close by. This means there was darkness outside due to dust. “As she watched there was a sudden rift overhead, and for a moment through the tattered clouds the sun raced like a wizened orange.” This shows how sun is compared to an orange during dust storm. In story as Ellen was waiting of her husband Paul she was also worried about her son, she afraid the he might not get pneumonia due to dust-filled air. “There was dust sifting everywhere. Her own throat was parched with it. The table had been set less than ten minutes, and already a film was gathering on dishes. The little cry continued and with wincing, frightened lips she glanced around as if to find a corner where the air was less oppressive.” This illustrates very sad and scary time and also how hardship people had to do during that time. During story Ellen tried to convince Paul to leave his stubborn nature and persistence to farm his barren land during dust-storm and take them to her father place in a city so that they don’t have to do hardship and he can able to feed his family and animals.” There were two winds: the wind in flight and wind that pursued. Once as she listened this first wind sprang inside the room, distraught like a bird that has felt the graze of talons on its wing-” This show how oblivious is wind in Ellen life. The wind shows Ellen hope while they are arguing. Ellen tried to open Paul mind to that he can’t farm his land by saying-“Look at the sky-what’s happening. Are you blind? Thistles and tumbleweeds-it’s a dessert.” But Paul stubbornness, persistence and passion for farming could not affect any word and requests from Ellen. At the end of the story Paul realised that his persistence for farming his land is in vein and accepting real situation that he is unable to feed his animals and family, he should leave the farm and go to Ellen’s father place for betterment. But as he went his house Ellen and his child was not there, he was searching for them and when they found them in the storm clutching their dead baby. At end Ellen said “you were right, Paul… you said tonight we’d see the storm go down. So still now, and a red sky- it means tomorrow will be fine.” As storm began to clear, Ellen told Paul about to stay on farm is correct and his hope for farming. So the storm was isolation between their relationship, as it clear they hope for together again but sacrificing of their baby crucial to them.  

   In the story of Dancing bear by Guy Vanderhaeghe, there are many characters like Dieter Bethge, Mrs. Hax, Dieter father, Dieter son, Bear and his owner. But story of protagonists are Dieter and the bear and Mrs. Hax as antagonists. Dieter Bethge is an old man who is suffering from bladder problem and Mrs. Hax is appoint as care taker for him by his son. As a care-taker Mrs. Hax  put several restriction on Dieter Bethge, which Dieter don’t like but due to strictness and stubborn nature of his care-taker, he feels helpless, as on starting of story statement like “the old man lay sleeping on the taut red rubber sheet as if he were some specimen mounted and pinned there to dry.” This show ageing of Dieter and have no ability to doing by himself. He always has to dependent on his care-taker. Dieter doesn’t like Mrs. Hax and he wants to fire her from job because of her poor job, like annotate in story,’ I want that damn thing off my bed!’ He yelled. ‘This is my bed! This is my house! Get it off!’ but Mrs. Hax is not affected by his temper and ignored him by saying, ‘I am not moved by childish tempers’, she announced.’ You haven’t learned that yet?’ so there is not any freedom to Dieter and he feel himself helpless even he can’t fire her from job because his son hired her. He went to flashback of his past life, when his father was a hunter and he was a hunter son. He went to a moment when his father skin off bear and gathered up skin and peg it down in the yard. He thought it wasn’t bear but a black hair a man was hiding and lurking in disguise and he was afraid by that and started crying. From far away he heard someone call him and he comes to consciousness and he realised he is crying and felt embarrassed in front of Mrs. Hex. “For a bear? But this wasn’t all of it? There had been another bear; he was sure of it. A bear who had lived in shame and impotence.” This illustrate that he compared himself with bear. At breakfast Dieter and Mrs. Hax argued about breakfast. Dieter wants egg and bacon instead of he had hot cereal. “It doesn’t matter, because you’re not getting bacon and eggs.” This shows that Dieter has no any freedom. He went on flashback and went to a moment where he saw a man with a bear. The man plays violin and commands bear to dance after few moment bear tired and collapsed. ‘the bear whined and sat down. People began to laugh…He flourished the bear’s nose lead and shouted…in the end, however, he could do nothing except attempt to save face. “What shame he felt witnessing such a indignity, such complete indifference to the rightful pride of the bear. Such flouting of the respect owed him for his size and his power.” This illustrates how bear misunderstood and abused by his owner same as Dieter abused and ignored by Mrs. Hax and feeling helplessness. At the end of story, where Dieter locks out Mrs. Hax and goes to sleep. “And when the music stopped, the bear had opened his arms very wide in a gesture of friendship and welcome.” This shows that he had a dream of a bear that tries to hug him. “But then something had broken the spell of the dream. “This shows he woke up but still he is drifting between dream and reality. Dieter found that at front door a bear tries to hug him however it turns out be Mrs. Hex and she slapped Dieter to wake him up to reality.