In technological advancement. Cars. Transport. Technology. We

In defence of driverless vehicles, I believe that they are essential to the future of our society and represent the next step forward in our technological advancement. Cars. Transport. Technology. We nowadays think of cars to be the most common and advanced technology used to transport people from one place to another. It is so common that there are 600,000 cars on the road in Singapore in 2017 alone.

But, have we given a thought, on how cars have improved over the years? Have their design and purpose improved significantly? No. Cars have been the same over the many decades since it was invented. From the Benz Motorwagen in 1885 till the Toyota Corolla in 2017, cars have mostly stayed the same. They have remained as being a four-wheeled, rubber-tyred vehicle navigated carefully and cautiously by a human driver.

So, I believe that driverless cars will be the next big significant improvement in the history of the car and I defend them as I believe that driverless cars will bring safety and convenience benefits. In whatever we do, there is always an element of danger, regardless of how small it is. This is especially true about driving. Is there ever one driver, who could confidently say that he will never ever meet an accident on the road? No. Accidents occur due mostly to driver error, either by the driver driving the specific cars, or other drivers on the road. If a person is meticulous and careful in his driving, he is still open to dangers and accidents caused by others on the road. Worldwide, 1.2 million people are killed from driving accidents a year.

Embracing driverless cars would help reduce and possibly eliminate the element of danger. Driverless cars are equipped with sensors, software, and computers that will gather information on the car’s surrounding. This information would be used to reduce the chance of accidents as it takes in the surroundings and adjusts the cars speed etc. to reduce the chance of an accident. Due to the lack of human participation in driving the car, there will be less of a chance of an accident from driver error, be it missing a blind spot or not being alert after a long day of work. It will save many lives and allow others, like the elderly or the disabled, to drive safely on the open road.