In in space, other astronauts and scientists

In the recent article, “This is how much humans actually grow when they go to space,” by Claire Maldarelli, explains how much a person may actually grow in space and other effects space has on the human body. After Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanai claimed that he grew 3.5 inches in 3 weeks while in space, other astronauts and scientists were a little skeptical. When he remeasured, it turned out he only grew 2 centimeters. “Unfortunately, once he returns to Earth and all its gravitational pull, his body will quickly shrink down even from this more modest increase.” This also happened with NASA’s astronaut Scott Kelly, who grew 2 inches after spending 1 year in the International Space Station. “Spending time in a zero-G environment like that of the International Space Station causes the spine to stretch. On Earth, gravity keeps the vertebrae in place by constantly pushing them together. But without gravity, the vertebrae will naturally expand slightly, causing a person to become taller.” There are other things that aren’t really good that could happen to our bodies in space. The lack of gravity can change how blood and other bodily fluids flow naturally through the body, making them go upward. This could cause swelling in certain areas, like behind the eyes that could make it hard to see. Also there isn’t a lot of protection from radiation in space like there is on Earth. Exposure could cause cancer. Space can affect different astronauts in different ways. Scientists are trying to figure that out so they can be prepared and prepare people who will eventually go to Mars. I chose this article because I’m interested in space and I had heard about how the Japanese astronaut supposedly grew 3.5 inches in 3 weeks. This relates to science because it’s about health and space. This information is beneficial to astronauts because they can expect a small change in growth and the other possible side effects of space on their bodies. An astronaut, who’s in the ISS, could apply this to their everyday life because they can measure every week or every month if they’ve grown. Also they could be aware of what space could also do to their body. This is important to be studying and reporting because it is important to know about the effects space has on humans and if it is a possible danger or not. Also people need to know about this so they know what they may be getting themselves into. The public could help this topic by spreading the news and always making sure they are updated on the different things that the scientists release about this topic.