In the reader is able to identify

In “The Moustache” by Robert Cormier, Mike visits his grandmother at a nursing hospital. WHen he arrives, his grandmother is ecstatic to see him. As his visit lingered on, he realizes that his grandmother thinks that she’s talking to her late husband, this is due to the mustache Mike has recently grown. In the story, the author uses techniques such as word choice and sentence fragments in order to create the effects of pause, and foreshadowing in the text. The first technique Cormier uses is sentence fragments.  These fragments are shown to provide more details to the reader to gather more information of the sentence said previously. Not only for the use of elaboration but of pause as well. An excellent example a quote found in paragraph 16, is ” I love to see them come. Even the blue jays.” The author uses this technique to convey the effect of pause and fluency . As a result, the reader understands that the grandmother was having difficulty processing words and speaking and was unsure of what she was saying. She had to take breaks when she was talking to understand what she was saying. The second technique Robert Cormier uses is word choice. A vivid example is “‘ But you know, Mike, looking back, I think you were right” she said,…….I had been named for him..” The author uses this technique to show the effect of foreshadowing. With the word choice shown, the reader is able to identify that the grandmother is in the wrong about which Mike he was and has been mistaken the entire conversation between her and her grandson into thinking she was speaking with his grandfather all along. Overall, the story delivers a unseen turn of events that would make you want to re-read the story once agin seeing as everything is much more comprehensible and you’d be able to get the message of the story more so because of that. Ultimately, these techniques help add to the air of mystery and the final conclusion of the misunderstanding that the author was building up to. If these techniques were not used, the story would not make as much sense and the reader wouldn’t understand the small but important details. They would miss valuable reasons to simplest things. How such a slight change in appearance can be mistaken as a much deeper aspect. Along with the fact that the techniques and effects are what cause the story to be so intriguing.