In marriage, and more. Even men experience

In 2015, only half of the world’s working age women were in the labor force, compared to 77% working age men. Gender stereotypes are important because they affect everyone’s future, one way or another. Especially our children’s who are affected by them at an early age. Kids can be hurt/traumatized by them. Our society should stop discouraging children at everything whether they are a girl or a boy. Everyone needs to take action and treat everyone equally. Overall, gender stereotypes are affecting our children and our society.According to research, boys and girls experience gender stereotypes and roles at about age 10. Gender stereotypes are society’s mindset about how girls and boys should act and behave. These stereotypes often affect children’s’ futures. Kids feel the need to be different just because of their gender. There are even high risks of suicide and violence coming towards our children every day. Also, research has shown that they can dangerously harm boys and girls. Women often experience having sexual diseases, child marriage, and more. Even men experience this, being involved with drugs and violence. Girls are taught that their bodies are important and need to be protected. Boys are pressured to be independent, masculine, and a “man”. This pressure comes towards children from their own families and they feel the need to be different.As early as age 6, most girls are led to believe that they are more talented and smart than women. One study was done to show that 6-year-old girls already understand gender stereotypes. In their heads, the girls knew which gender was “better” than the other. For example, they thought men were more professional than women. On the other hand, the girls thought women were more intelligent. This study ended up showing that young girls are being discouraged by gender stereotypes but still believing in women. Later, another study (game-related) was done and showed that girls don’t think they are as talented as boys. The study started with two games shown to a group of children. One game was for “smart students” and the other was for “try hard” students. In result, the boys chose for the smart game and the girls chose the try-hard game which means they don’t think they are as gifted as men. Even teachers expect that boys excel in math more than girls do. Things like the gender gap are affecting girls’ self-esteem by the teachers. The gender gap is the differences between men and women, whether it is socially, academically, or more. Now, thankfully girls are being interested in STEM classes more. Although studies have shown that their perspective on girls’ knowledge hasn’t changed. Teachers are still academically believing more in boys. In addition, our culture and teachers are influencing how girls are treated in school. For example, teachers call more on boys because they want to see how focused they are since girls usually behave more. Our culture says that math and computing are for girls. When doing gender-related activities, we tend to put down girls and make the gender gap worse. Without realizing it, we can see that in reality, gender stereotypes are affecting our children. They can affect their futures and affect their perspective on life. Many factors like the gender gap, influencers, society, and more are pressuring kids (especially girls) that they can’t do what they set their minds to just because of their gender. Their dreams are being pushed back and it needs to change. Everyone should encourage each other to do anything they set their minds to so everyone lives the life they want.