In gab the rest of her stuff

In “The Secret of Bees” Our main character Lily live with her father but she doesn’t call her dad daddy she called him T.Ray because her dad is cruel and aloof who keep abuse she almost everyday. Lily live alone with him because her mother died when she was the age of four. Lily decide to run away from T.Ray because T.Ray said that you mother doesn’t care about her that the only reason that she came back home is to gab the rest of her stuff and that where she died. When Lily ran away she headed to jail where Rosaleen is at. Once she made it there she saw three white men demand that Rosaleen apologize but when she refuses they strater to beat her up so Lily decide to break her out of jail but she soon learn from Brother Gerald that Rosaleen has been take to the hospital so she leaves the jail and go the hospital instead. Lily was able to slip Rosaleen out of the hospital and both headed to highway 40 and began to hitchhike. Lily and Rosaleen arrive at the Boatwright house who belong to three sister named June, May, and August Boatwright. Lily found August to be a very warm person. Lily told August that she and Rosaleen ran away and they were heading to Virginia to be with her aunt Bernie. Lily feel like August see right through her lies but August however accepted them into the house. While Rosaleen and Lily spend the week at the Boatwright house. One day August teaches Lily about honey farming she want Lily to give the bees love because she believed that everything needs and wants to feel loved. After being told that Lily remember that she alway want to make Rosaleen love her. One day when Lily woke up she found a tall black man named Neil hanging around the house saying that he’s June’s sweetheart but June refuses to marry him but the man keep ask for her hand. One day Lily comes upon Rosaleen moving out and Rosaleen told Lily that will be moving into a house so that there will be a room to share with May plus she feel like her presence will make May feel safer Lily feel jealous and abandoned but she did understands. August and Lily cool the bees down using water because it was extremely hot. Lily keep being stung by bees while trying to replacing the lid on the hive box then August tell her that you can’t be a true beekeeper without getting stung and that strikes Lily because it convinced her that her mother once lived in the Boatwright house.