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In today’s competitive world an MBA degree on one’s resume helps to stand out. An MBA prepares you for senior management roles in any field. It does so by exposing one to all the areas of business including accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources.An MBA program teaches us effective and powerful presentations skills to interact effectively in and out of the classroom setting. Further skills such as time management, managing pressure, team work through an MBA gives the edge over students from other courses. An MBA degree will  strengthen leadership skills, intellectual creativity, analysis and critical thinking, awareness, communication which will serve me well as I find my way towards my ultimate career goal. An MBA degree is also a powerful differentiator and will provide me with a specialization that will allow me to do a deep dive into the nuances of a particular industry. An MBA will provide me with an opportunity to sample different industries and career paths to see whether it’s a good fit before taking the plunge. It will show potential partners that I am highly competent and dedicated to my industry thus increasing my credibility in the business world. This credibility will provide me with the flexibility to to tide over difficult situations. At the business school I will have the opportunity to meet and interact with talented individuals from different fields which will enhance my experience by exposing me to different business practices and cultures.The connections I will make during the time I spend at the business school will be a valuable asset in the long run. An MBA in general is a great personality developer and will help me gain immensely as an individual both personally and professionally by keeping me open to the thriving opportunities that come my way.
So the reasons behind why I want to pursue an MBA in Innovation and Entreprenuership:

Government of India has declared 2010-2020 as “India’s Decade of Innovation” and industries are expecting their employees to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

As the world is now moving towards digitalisation, Innovation Management has become a key factor which plays a crucial role in the growth of the organisation.

Providing the customers and employees with a good business experience needs new and innovative business ideas with their effective and timely implementation. Only innovation managers can deliver at high speeds without sacrificing on the quality and meet the needs of the market.

So I feel an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will play a key role towards achieving an innovative and entrepreneurial career ahead.