In will be similar like you should

In every organization one thing that should always
consider is business continuity planning to make sure that business continues
at the time of disaster. It will be similar like you should always think about
backup plan when something goes wrong like to you should always have immediate
plan ready to implement. Generally, every small or big organization have
business continuity plan ready, though the big organization need more than one
plan ready and they have expert team assign that work day and night to
implement best possible plan dues to rapid changing technologies and cyber
security threats.

In my organization project planning that includes
guidelines to follow, tasks to complete, what will be the final cost, what will
be outcome of changes and what new improvements needed etc. For my organization
there are other non-it department that need business continuity plan like
cafeteria, wireless connection for visitor, authorized access only area and

These are some issues that primarily taken care first
like other food options for vegetarian, no registration to access wireless
networks for guest, need temporarily authorization for those working on same
project and security clearance to enter in server.

Some department have limited access to some higher
lever architecture of network that totally dependent on senior manager and
everyone have specific time limit to complete the project. Even if one
department have unexpected shutdown all other will suffer due to lack of
business continuity plan and resources and can cause major problem in
organizations profit.

When you plan for business continuity location of your
organization play crucial role as this the actually physical location where
your current organization and have strategy to operate and accommodate all
staff member at the time of disaster. So, there’s always an alternate location
for business continuity planning to make sure that business keeps running from
different location and some of the work can do remotely.

When there is an earthquake, fire and flood. There
should be proper training that at any of this situation how to evacuate
building and clear making for exit as well as safety equipment. Every floor has
fire extinguisher, first aid kit, warning alarm and multiple exit door and
windows. An automatic back up for unsaved work and all other important project
for organization.

Every business continuity plan need an estimate budget
amount to make sure run all business at time of disaster. For that team make
estimate monthly budget to run all resources possible to make sure customers
get their services. For my organization we will need monthly $85000 for
alternate location. For new location it also need the same resource to work for
employees like connectivity, data server, food and devices.

The team of business continuity plan make sure that
all employees get schedule to come and work deadline for project. This affect
mostly when organization about to launch new product in market so for that they
also need to make sure all process goes smoothly till they recover original
location and production ramp up.