Inception Essay

“Inception” begins with a dream inside a dream. The team of extractors is trying to fool someone into thinking they’ve woken up; when in reality they’re still dreaming. In this scene, there is an angry mob coming for the cast and they are running out of time. In order to wake up Cobb (DiCaprio), has to be pushed from a chair into a bathtub. This shows the psychological principle “kicks” are real. This principle is evident throughout the entire movie and is very relevant in showing how a person sometimes needs to feel like they’re falling in order to wake up.

Later on in the movie, Cobb searches for a new architect to construct the sets of the dreams he will be entering. When he finds Ariadne (Page), he soon teachers her how to completely build the world of your dreams from the ground up. This shows the psychological principle that you can construct your own dreams. Although it is elaborated in the movie, it still conveys the message that you can create anything at all in your own dreams.

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Finally, something that keeps reoccurring throughout this entire movie is the presence of Cobb’s wife, Mal. She appears in every one of Cobb’s dreams and soon makes her way into other people’s dreams through Cobb’s subconscious. This shows the psychological principle that bad memories can haunt your dreams. Cobb has a very bad memory of his wife committing suicide. Since he has not properly dealt with this pain, she creeps her way into his mind and truly haunts him until he ends it.