Inconvenient Truth Essay

Inconvenient Truth            The documentary entitled, The Inconvenient Truth, by former US Vice-president Al Gore, was very provocative in informing the viewers about the reality of global warming. For millions of years, humans have been the only caretakers of the planet earth. However, due to the changing times, humans’ priorities have been modified leaving the environment neglected and damaged. One of the manifestations of our disregard for nature is the occurrence of climate change which has become very evident in the contemporary society.

In The Inconvenient Truth, Gore’s film highlighted that we are solely responsible for the destruction of rich ecological places, extinction of plants and animals and the shortage of basic human needs. To further substantiate these claims, Gore was able to present several facts and data from scientists and other environmental experts. He was able to make scientific terms to be easily understood by citing examples that showed the causes and effects of climate change. More so, he raised the issues on the rapid thawing of the ice caps in the Arctic, interruption in the natural flow of the ocean conveyor, increase in the occurrence of more intense natural calamities, intensification of carbon emissions and other harmful green gasses, high precipitation and global atmospheric temperature and the presumed government actions to ignore the imminent threat of climate change. Moreover, the general tone of the documentary was not to point fingers but it was directed on imparting hope for the next generation. Gore reiterated that everyone must act and take part in saving and conserving the environment to provide a brighter future for our kids and love ones.

            Furthermore, this documentary gained a great public following. Several internet websites were put up to support the topics presented in The Inconvenient Truth such as the following: (1) is an online effort to inform that global warming is apparent and bold actions are needed to resolve this problem. This website also provides ample information on global warming from scientific studies to practical solutions; (2) US Environmental Protection Agency website presented a comprehensive collection of data on global warming. It ranges from basic information to human and health effects to economic consequences. The site is regularly updated so the information seen here are guaranteed to be current; and (3) United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre website is an NGO-powered site that is focused on supplying knowledge on biodiversity in hopes of influencing world power players to make strategic and effective decisions that will help alleviate the effects of climate change.

            For me, this documentary was very enlightening. It opened my eyes to the severity of the situation and the need for immediate action. I think to be able to productively address the problem of climate change, the government must first take the initiative to formulate laws and regulations that will help mitigate the impact and at the same time directly deal with the root cause of the problem. By doing this, the public will be compelled to partake in the efforts of reducing the adverse effects of global warming. However, if we continue to ignore this natural phenomenon, we might end up with an unlivable planet.  Also, life on earth might just be a thing of the past if we continue to destroy our natural habitat and resources.

So before we realize that everything is too late, we must seize the moment and try to think of ways on how we can help the environment. In order to experience long-term results, we must first focus on achieving short-term goals. We must try to change and eventually adapt a ‘greener’ lifestyle. This can be done starting on little thins such as cutting down on shower time, using mugs instead of plastic cups, walking in place of riding a gas-powered vehicle and many others minor modifications on our way of living. In time, these small actions can slowly turn into a large-scale campaign to end environmental abuse which would bring significant impact in people’s lives as well as in the state of the environment.ReferencesGuggenheim, Davis (Director). (2006).

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