Individual Locker System Essay

Students need more space to put their school supplies in which they can’t because their locker partner is taking all the space; therefore, lockers should be allowed to one student only. One of the reasons you should agree with me because sometimes you can’t trust your locker partner because he/she will get you in trouble and accuse you for something you didn’t do.

For example, when you inspect all the students locker in the end of the school year and you find something illegal that the students should not bring in school and you have to talk to both students who brought that illegal thing which in some cases the students will deny owning the illegal thing and you would have to investigate who brought it and it will waste time. Another reason is that students should have their privacy of owning a locker which ties back to the first reason, trusting your locker partner.

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Both reasons are similar to each other because a locker partner could steal something from their partner which will get the person angry. It is important to have their own privacy because it will make the person feel safe and secure at school by having no one looking/sharing their locker or personal things in the locker even though you might have known them since childhood. Last reason is that there are no space to put our school things such as books, bags and etc. I know that you will say it will cost money to build more lockers at school; however, I have a solution that will make you change the rules about lockers.

First, I will I do a petition and ask all the students if they want their own locker. Lastly, all the students who want their own locker will do a fundraiser such as selling cookies, candies, doing a charity event, marathon and etc. to get the money to help build the lockers. To be fair, the students who don’t want their own lockers will have a partner of their choice, this will make both sides happy. I hope you will agree to resolve this issue and thank you for the time you took to read this letter. It will make the students happy if you agree with my decision.