. individuality back at him. The hat

.    While walking to the train station in the snow, Holden put on his red hat with earlaps ” I didn’t give a damn how I looked. No one was around anyway” (53). Holden had bought a weird looking hat for wearing around New York city, but he liked it. Though, he cared about what other people thought about it, and wore it when no one was around, still a little scared to show his true self. After Stradlater left to go on his date with Jane, Holden, Holden waited until he was alone to put on his hat. He feels that if he’s alone there is no one to conform him too and be judged. Holden doesn’t begin to open up to people and be himself around others.  In the middle of the book, Holden starts to wear his red hunting hat a bit more often, not caring what other people think. Holden took out his red hunting hat, around other people. He still card about seeing people he knew, but didn’t care about what strangers would think. He was still a bit uncertain about trying to fit into the norm of society and finding his individuality. Even though there wasn’t much snow on the ground in New York City, it was freezing while Holden was walking to his room,  Because it was freezing outside, Holden put on his hat without caring how he looked. He is starting to be himself round others, but only when his surroundings cause him to. Holden is starting to open up a little bit to people and being himself.  In the end of the book Holden starts to try and fit into the norm of society but also be himself, he starts to find a balance. Holden gave Phoebe his red hunting hat; she was mad so she took of his red hunting hat,  For Holden, the hat represents his individuality and being himself. Holden wears it to distinguish himself from everyone else, and Phoebe joins him in wearing it. Phoebe proves she’s willing to support Holden and be different like him, but he rejects her. So, she withdraws her support and chucks his individuality back at him. The hat protects Holden from conformity, and displays his own sense of individuality.  Holden finally shows he is able to accept himself. Holden putting on his hat shows he accepts himself and his individuality.   J.D. Salinger shows the struggles Holden faces while growing up and finding how to fit in with the norm of society, but also being himself. Throughout the book Holden starts to open up and show who he is without caring what other people think. Similar to Holden, teenagers growing up try to find a balance between themselves, and not changing their personality but also conforming to the norm of society. Furthermore, Holden struggles a bit more than some teens. Salinger establishes via symbolism it’s hard to find your true self while trying to fit in with society.