Infection Control Essay

1. My role and responsibility regarding the prevention and control of infection is an essential component of my care. I have a responsibly to my self, Colleagues, Employer, Tenants, Visitors. * Achieving optimum hand hygiene Hands should be washed before and after contact with a tenant to stop any spread of infection. Hot water and soap, also can use alcohol hand gels or rub. any cuts or abrasions should be covered up with a water proof dressing, if on hands not skin colour plaster. remove watch or bracelet when washing hands. * Using personal protective equipment

PPE is used to protect both me and the patient from the risk of cross-infection. Gloves should be worn whenever there might be contact with body fluids. they are not a substitute for hand washing. They should be put in the bin as soon as task is done. Plastic aprons should be worn whenever there is risk of contaminating clothing with blood and body fluids. they should the be thrown in the bin as soon as task is complete. * Safe handling and disposal of sharps, clinical waste Sharps are and sharp instrument i. e. needles. should be disposed of in sharps containers and not filled more than two thirds in a area away from public.

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Clinical waste should be disposed of in yellow sacks. Household waste in black bags * Managing blood and body fluids these should be dealt with quickly, Following your workplaces written policy for dealing with spillages. Anything used to be deposed of immediately, In yellow sacks. * Decontaminating equipment It is vital that re-usable equipment such as hoists, slings is decontaminated between each tenant. and also * Managing accidents * Good communication – with other staff/visitors or the patients. * Training and education 2. The employer’s responsibility

My employer has a legal responsibility as well as a personal/moral responsibility. It is also to provide the employee’s with all the PPE that is needed and right bags to dispose of waste properly. To provide all employee’s with correct training. Making sure employee’s are aware of the health and safety aspects of their work. Keeping records. Assessing risks. 3. Current legislation relevant to prevention and infection control. The prevention and control of infection should be a high priority within the health care setting for many reasons. It is the legal responsibility to have a duty of care for the tenants.

Both employers and employees are responsible for their own actions in the workplace. All reasonable steps should be taken when carrying out your work duties and all staff should have adequate health and safety training. 4. In my workplace the procedures that are followed to prevent and control infection are * Washing of hands in between visits. * PPE- Aprons, Gloves, Shoe covers are available to us to wear. * Regular training for all staff * Correct sacks for disposal of rubbish * Sharps boxes for needles ect.. * Polices and procedures is assessable for us to read if needed.

5. What could be the potential impact of an outbreak to the individuals i support: * Not wearing PPE correctly or at all when cleaning body fluids up. * Not correctly disposing of rubbish or putting in wrong sacks. * Not following procedures set in place. * Not washing hands regularly or after toilet. 6. The term risk means A chance or probability that a person will be harmed or experience an adverse health effect if exposed to a hazard. A probability or threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities