Influenza Vaccine and Personal Information Source Essay

1. In stressing tangible cues (the educational materials), invoices are advantageous to make the service given more tangible to improve the customer’s health. Also, the televisions, videos, and coloring books can fall under this category.

The doctors that are responsible for the attendance of the customers are the personal information source in this case. They are the “image” of MinuteCLinic. They create a strong organizational image using the evidence, when the emergency of Minnesota occurred. The solution to the issue of helping children and adults with the flu, is MinuteClinic.The post purchase communication is evident with the Harris interactive poll during 2006 when 92% of the customers were satisfied with its convenience, 89% were satisfied with the quality, and 80% were satisfied with the cost.2. Because not every patient arrives at the MinuteClinic with the same illness, MinuteClinic’s services are both customized and standardized. Therefore, there are some viruses that are common to every person, so MinuteClinic does mass customization with the vaccines using the technology to deliver a customized service, such as healthcare.

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3. During the flu outbreak in Minnesota, MinuteClinic showed great reliability and responsiveness. Instead of hiring more staff, they decided to only offer the shot at eight clinics; this was an approach to better manage their inventory.

With incredibly long lines, they created children’s areas to make the wait easier for families. They added televisions, videos, and coloring books to keep the children entertained. By doing so, they showed how they were a “community-building environment.” What more could customers ask for in order for MinuteClinic to prove they really cared about their customers?The customers were very impressed by MinuteClinic’s reaction to this flu attack. 4.

MinuteClinic’s place (distribution) strategy has been very important to the company’s success. They are located in convenient retail settings, usually attached to a CVS. This makes it very convenient for the patients because they can refill prescriptions right next door and in one single trip. Patients love this so much that they are “happy to go back to the MinuteClinic for minor ailments and avoid the long waits at a doctor’s office,” said Arun Kumar.