Informal Report Essay

Informal Report Assignment Prepare an informal report on a topic of your choice that has been approved by your instructor. Your research should include a variety of sources such as: • Secondary data such as books, journals, magazines, and newspapers • Business documents (annual reports, brochures) • Professional publications • Interviews with appropriate individuals on or off campus • Credible online sources Report Format This report should contain the following parts: Introduction, Body, Conclusions, Recommendations (3-5 pages single spaced) • Figures (at least two figures—tables, illustrations, or non-text items within the “body”) • Works Cited (formatted in the MLA documentation style) You are required to use headings for various sections of your report. Also conclusions and recommendations should be supported by evidence presented within the report. Before completing the report, review the appropriate chapters in the textbook for helpful reminders on preparing the graphics, proper paginations, documentation, etc. and edit/proofread carefully. See your instructor if you need assistance.

Documentation Within the body of the report, you must document your sources using the MLA documentation style. All sources, whether paraphrased or quoted, must be documented with attributive tags and parenthetical citations within the report. The attributive tags should initially state the full name of the author, his/her credentials, and the title of the source referred to. Only the last name of the author is required for the subsequent references, unless there are two or more authors referred to with the same last name. Use parenthetical citations (author’s last name and page numbers) after all quoted and paraphrased references.