Information security strategy for easyshopping Essay

Information Security Strategy for EasyShopping

Technology is critical portion of today ‘s planetary market and concern operations. Information engineering can be seen every nook and corner of a concern. Information is an plus that, like other of import concern plus, is indispensable to an organisations concern and accordingly necessitate to be appropriately protected.Since concerns have become more unstable, at present the construct of computing machine security has been replace by the construct of Information Security.

This for the ground that new construct covers a broader scope of issues, from the protection of informations to the protection of human resources. So Information Security is no longer a responsibility of a little group of people in a company. It is the duty of every employee, and specially directors.Information Security is the protection of information from broad scope of menace in order to guarantee concern stableness, minimize concern hazard, and maximise return on investings and concern chances. In general, security is defined as “the quality or province of being unafraid -to be free from danger” .In order to implement the Information Security Strategy for the EasyShopping we look at the following specialised countries of security that contributes to the Information Security plan.

  • Physical Security- Protects people, physical assets and the workplace from assorted menaces including fire, unauthorized entree, or natural catastrophes.

  • Personal Security- Protects people within the EasyShopping.
  • Operationss Security- Secure the EasyShoping ‘s ability to transport out its operational activities without break of the via media.
  • Community Security- Protect the EasyShoping ‘s communicating media, engineering, and contents, and the ability to utilize these tools to accomplish the organisations aims.
  • Network Security- Protect an organisations informations networking devices, connexions, and content, and ability to utilize that web to carry through the EasyShoping ‘s informations communicating maps.

Key construct of Information Security

EasyShopping is needed to develop a security scheme in order to protect the company system and besides the client. To develop this scheme we must familiar with three cardinal features of Information that make it valuable to an organisation. Those are confidentiality, handiness and unity. This means the system should be able to protect the information from unwraping to the unauthorised people, and the informations should n’t be modified by the unauthorised people.

And besides the informations should ever available when that information is needed.


Much of import information is in the EasyShopping Information system, so those sensitive informations should non be disclosed to any user who is non authorized to entree that information. So in this security scheme the confidentiality of informations should be implemented. Critical characteristics of confidentiality are Identification, Authentication and Authorization.


This means that there is a opposition to change or permutation of informations or those alterations are detected and demonstrable. It means that information can merely be accessed or modified by authorised people merely. The unity or information threatened when it is exposing to corruptness, harm and devastation.

This is besides can be compromised by hackers, unauthorized users or malicious codifications and those menaces can harm to data or plans.By doing waiters accessible merely to web decision makers, giving a user degrees for all users, informations unity can be avoided.


This means informations demand to be accessible when and where needed it. It is the warrant that system is accessible by authorised users when needed. That system is responsible for administering ; hive awaying and treating information are accessible when needed, by those who need them. Attacks or accidents can convey down systems so the mystifier is how to maintain our informations available. High handiness including burden reconciliation, fail over and speedy backup and Restoration are all involved in solution.

There are two sorts of security menaces, internal onslaughts and external onslaughts. Internal onslaughts are the menaces that coming from the internal staff of the company. Some internal onslaughts are abuse of privilege, breach of system, carelessness, etc. External onslaughts are menaces that coming from outside universe.

Some external onslaughts are direct onslaught, automaton onslaughts, malware, etc.As an reply for all security threats we provide a security policy for the people who are integrated with system which provides a primary image of our scheme that make available security duties for all the users of EasyShopping online system. In our security policy we describe solutions for many of the security menace which screen following countries,

  • Regulatory conformity
  • Software Security
  • Back Office Security
  • Customer Security

Though there is the security policy there may be a opportunity of breaches which can go on beyond this policy. The following are the most powerful and loosely used security mechanisms.

  • Access control
  • Firewalls
  • Dial up protection
  • Intrusion sensing systems
  • Scaning and analyzing tools
  • Cryptanalysis

Among these mechanisms we recommend EasyShopping to utilize Access Control and Firewalls as security mechanisms for their information system. We will see the other methods in future as a long term program.

  • Access Control – Access control encompasses two procedures, corroborating the individuality of the individual accessing logical or physical country ( hallmark ) , and finding which action that individual can transport out in that physical or logical country ( mandate ) .

Authentication- there are for types of authenticating methods. Such as,Something you know ( eg. Password and passphrases )Something you have ( eg. Smart cards and cryptanalytic items )Something you are ( eg. Fingerprints, thenar prints, manus geometry and iris scan )Something you produce ( eg.

Voice and signature pattern acknowledgments )Password is a private word or several characters which merely the user should cognize. He or she can entree to their histories utilizing the above. We provide user histories to all users with watchwords with set of privileges harmonizing to their function and duties.

Smart card is a card with a magnetic strip which contains an ID which compare to a pin when a user inputs it. In our company we offer a smart card to the company staff in order to login the system easy.Authorization- this is the procedure of commanding entree and rights to resources, such as services or files. As we use user histories and smart cards to authenticate users, we give an authorised entree to the system to read, edit, add or cancel the appropriate information on the system harmonizing to the function and duties of that user.

  • Firewall – As above the watchwords and smart card will protect EasyShopping Information System with internal onslaughts. Equally good as internal onslaughts there may be external onslaughts from the outside universe. So we propose to hold an updated firewall which prevent a specific type of information from traveling between the outside universe, known as the untrusted netwok, and the inside universe known as sure web. We suppose this will halt most hackers deriving entree to the system.

  • Virus Guard – Though there was a firewall it is advisable to hold an updated virus guard to supervise the system throughout the twenty-four hours.

By utilizing above mechanisms we can protect the sensitive informations of EasyShopping Information system. Although we protect them we have to do the informations and information available any clip when a user needs them. So we have to hold informations backup programs, catastrophe recovery programs, and concern recovery programs in instance of informations lose.

Employees should be trained in their duties in informations backups, catastrophe recovery, and concern continuity.

Data backup programs

An organisation must be able to reconstruct informations in any informations corruptness or hardware failure. To make that Data backups are critical portion of information security.

Backups should be done on a regular footing and should be stored in a unafraid topographic point, and besides should be trial on regular intervals to guarantee that the procedure is working decently.

Catastrophe recovery programs

This is used to retrieve rapidly after a catastrophe happen to the organisation. This allows the company to make up one’s mind which engineerings must implement to accomplish the recovery. The chief thing is organisation ‘s catastrophe recovery program can non be tested until a catastrophe happens.

Business recovery programs

This is a portion of a catastrophe recovery program and this says in logical manner how to retrieve measure by measure and how to restart to normal concern after a catastrophe happens. This besides includes employees ‘ duties and how to implement a plane when the catastrophe happens. This plane must be on a regular basis modified to guarantee that any alterations to concern procedures will happened.

As the decision, we would propose EasyShopping Ltd to put up these information security Systems with all the mechanisms mentioned above so that these systems will assist to protect the sensitive informations stored by EasyShopping ‘s information systems.


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