Information Systems in Organizational Department Essay

INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN ORGANIZATIONAL DEPARTMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN ORGANIZATIONAL DEPARTMENT Considering the facts of today’s economy, many organizations must look for ways to improve and gain advantage over their competitors; they should be ambitious and aggressive in every aspect of their business and intelligently make use of their resources. Information can be crucial in achieving a successful management goal. An organizations use of information as a resource is essential in accomplishing and achieving its definitive goals.Information system is the collection, processing, storing, analyzing, and dissemination of information for a specific purpose. Most business organizations today consist of functional departments such as Accounting, HR, Finance, Marketing, etc.

, rely on computers and information technology to manage their information systems. The purpose of this paper is to show how various information systems and application software administer to the marketing department, human resources department, and accounting department of an organization. Accounting Information System: Accounting is the process of measuring, interpreting, and communicating financial information to enable people inside and outside of the firm to make informed decision” (Boone & Kurtz, 2006). The mission of an Accounting Department and its responsibility is one of the largest areas that perform financial operation within an organization. Personnel who are working in this department are called Accountants. Accounting department plays a major role in administering financial information regarding the financial status of the organization and aides in decision making.Accuracy and on time delivery of reports produced are vital in this department.

Businesses and organizations manage their accounting information using the latest computerized information systems that the market has to offer. Software applications for Accounting’s various tasks such as accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, billing etc. , are available off-the-shelf or custom made for the company’s needs. Example of off-the shelf software applications are Integrated Office Accounting (IOA) Software (2020 Software, 2009), SAGE (2009), SAP (2009), etc.Most of these applications software have other features that are beneficial for the organization. Information systems helps maintain, improve efficiency and accuracy in business processes. Human Resources Information System As described in Targowski and Deshpande (2009) “the human resources (HR) department in an organization manages a variety of activities associated with employees like recruiting, training, promoting, terminating, record keeping, and meeting various legal requirements (Anthony, 1999)”.

It is necessary that these activities are performed using a computer technology to remain competitive in the rapidly growing economy. The various applications are available for organizations to maximize efficiency and produce accurate reports. An example of an HR application is RESUMIX. It is a staffing tool used by government agencies. “This resume software replaces the manual review of applications with technology that matches qualified applicants with vacancies” (Resumix, 2009).The recently adapted system by the Department of Defense is the National Security Personnel System (NSPS). It is a Civilian Management system that “focuses on people, performance, and employment decisions that are cost-effective and best for business practice. ” There are other commercial software applications that available for use in the civilian sector like SAGE, EPICOR, Lawson Software, Microsoft Dynamics, etc (2020 software, 2009), each of which offer programs that suit organizational needs and requirement.

Marketing DepartmentAn organization’s marketing department is responsible for studying and analyzing the market and its consumers; it determines how to reach the customers and anticipate their needs while the rest of the department helps in determining new and advance products that suits the needs of the consumers. Marketing Information Systems are “set of procedures and practices employed in analyzing and assessing marketing information, gathered continuously from sources inside and outside of a firm” (Businessdictionary. com, 2009).The intention is to assist management functions such as decision making, policy planning and control purposes using information systems that provides management with essential data in managing the business smoothly. Netsuite, Interlink One, etc. , are just some of the available marketing software that organizations use to manage and implement their marketing initiatives and increase their revenues. Whether it is customized or commercial, off the shelf software packages, information systems available to businesses today promotes efficiency and productivity to its employees.

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