Information The management feels in order to

Information Systems for

PantMax Retail, through its subsidiaries, operates approximately 1000
departmental stores pan India. These stores hold a variety of merchandise
including adult and children apparel, cosmetics, accessories, home furnishing
etc. The management feels in order to increase their sales, PantMax needs to
tailor its merchandise more to the local tastes, colors, sizes, brands which
should be according to the sales pattern in each of the PantMax stores. For
example, the stores in Mumbai might stock clothing in smaller sizes and
brighter colors than those in Chennai, or the stores in Delhi may stock more
makeup shades to attract trendier shoppers. How will information systems help
PantMax implement this new strategy? Is this a suitable choice for the
management to implement?

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technology just can get it going by a thorough ramifications of information
based framework and controlled by focal specialist. Organizations utilize data
frameworks at all levels of operation to gather, process and store information.
Administration totals this information and scatters it as data required to do
the day by day operation of business venture. Time to time they will gather the
information of individual client and after a specific time span they will make
sense of what really extraordinary commercial center request from them and
continue recording all the data and finding the line they can enhance the
offering of stock more than that of now they doing. Enhance consumer loyalty
and investor esteem by giving clients what they need when they need and where
they need it.

is the biggest money related resource in retailing. It’s tied in with having
the correct item in the correct store at the opportune time and at the correct
cost. On the off chance that you deal with your stock well, you can lessen
capital expenses and accomplish higher stock turns (Rate of Sale) which brings
about retail achievement.

more, marketing choosing stock collection, assigning it to stores, recharging
it effectively, and making an alluring and paramount shopping background is the
core of retailing. It decides retailing survival, and achievement.

Information systems
help PantMax implement this new strategy

administration should worry on the essence of items that are maximally acquired
by local people. For this situation the administration can gather the
measurable information from the market and break down them utilizing
factual/explanatory programming applications. Additionally the information
gathering should be possible by online crusade, a study, whatever is
accessible. PantMax can get more data from “the way their rivals are
following”. In the event that they break down the instance of some
pre-built up and top rated organizations in the territory, at that point the
examination will clearly be productive all things considered. The organization
itself require not need to make a fuss over the information gathering,
examination and result finding yet there are numerous offices that play out the
errands of study and elucidation as well. The organization may utilize
Facebook, Google like online stage to gather information or promoting its
items. On the off chance that PantMax executes such MIS then the quantity of
administrators required for everyday operation will decay to an awesome pattern
and along these lines the labor can be utilized as a part of different
divisions as well. In addition PantMax can utilize MIS to enhance the work
process between offices subsequently number of administrators and divisions can
be diminished or the human work on estimation or investigation assignments can
be supplanted via mechanized PC programming.

framework should gather information about current design in the market, the age
gathering of individuals going to the store. The MIS should gather information
about the recurrence individuals visit the store, which day of week, month or
which period of year the clients visit the store, the reason as well. At that
point contingent upon the TREND organization can make its generation
techniques. It should gather data about what sort of things they buy in which
recurrence. What amount are the clients prepared to pay for the propelled items
and so forth. Promote what installment frameworks the clients feel good to
utilize PantMax stores. By getting this kind of data the organization will
comprehend what assist frameworks should the organization embrace and move
forward. This will additionally help make key arrangements for long haul.

Step-by-Step Solution:

scenario here is one that is very regular in a retail situation. Various
organizations like the one that is specified here dependably need to be in the
without a moment’s hesitation in the neighborhoods have stores and the system
that is being said here is doing quite recently that. The objective with what
is being specified is that one ought to clarify how data frameworks can be
utilized to profit this procedure.

are various diverse things that can be said in regards to that here in the
appropriate response however before getting into that, the main thing that
ought to be notable is that there ought to dependably be a two-route connection
amongst associations and data innovation since that adjust must be there
keeping in mind the end goal to oblige any development or activity design.

that is stated, here are some ways data frameworks can aid this vital objective
for the retail location:

Management of stock and
inventory that is in niche market:

Ø  Though
this is something that is as of now set up, the stock framework utilized can
have a sub-framework which could track the special item offerings that can be
offered in-store or online by means of the organization’s site.


Ø  The
framework that would be produced would need to be a specialist level framework
since administration would need to see deals inclines on what stock is offering
and what isn’t outside of what a retail firm would need to see.

Strengthen Customer and
Supplier Intimacy:

Ø  Though
this is a weird one to put here, there is a linkage amongst providers and
engineers of items that would be more grounded here along these lines.

Ø  Specifically
starting here in the content, this would concentrate on showcase specialties
and item separation rehearses.

Mass Customization:

Ø  This
is the place the organization has the greatest test on the grounds that the
thought behind what they are needing to do will be on an enormous scale and
starting at an outcome, this might be hard to do however is feasible

Information systems
development and applying new technologies with these product lines:

Ø  In
this last point, this one is somewhat odd in light of the fact that the
organization can apply new innovations that could be utilized inside these
specialty product offerings. For instance, another significant retailer
connected the utilization of iPads inside a particular piece of the store with
form themed pants. Applying innovations which are handheld or could be utilized
as a feature of the shopping knowledge can be tied into data frameworks that
are now set up.

Ø  This
can help with estimating data, stock control, and other center parts of the












The goal of service companies is to develop services that attract, keep
customers satisfied, loyal and speak well of them. They use information and
communication technology to get closer to the customer, create long-term
relationships, and gain more knowledge from and about the customers to serve
them better. As a major element of business strategy, firms are embracing CRM,
because technological applications permit precise segmentation, profiling and
targeting of customers. To deal with competitive pressures a customer-centric
culture is required. The airline industry is no exception to this. Give an
example of how an airline company has successfully implemented CRM to increase
their profits and keep customers happy.


relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies
and technologies that organizations use to oversee and break down client
communications and information all through the client lifecycle, with the
objective of enhancing business associations with clients, aiding client
maintenance and driving deals development. CRM frameworks are intended to
assemble data on clients crosswise over various stations – or purposes of
contact between the client and the organization – which could incorporate the
organization’s site, phone, live talk, regular postal mail, showcasing
materials and web-based social networking. CRM frameworks can likewise give
client confronting staff point by point data on clients’ close to home data,
buy history, purchasing inclinations and concerns.

Need for Customer
Relationship Management

Customer Relationship
Management prompts fulfilled clients and in the long run higher business every

Customer Relationship
Management goes far in holding existing clients.

Customer relationship
Management guarantees clients return back home with a grin.

Customer relationship
Management enhances the connection between the association and clients. Such
exercises reinforce the bond between the business delegates and clients.

Customer Relationship Management of

is an international airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The airline
is a backup of The Emirates Group, which is completely possessed by the
legislature of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai. It is the biggest
carrier in the Middle East, working more than 3,000 flights for each week from
its center point at Dubai International Airport, to more than 130 urban areas
in 77 nations crosswise over six mainlands. Freight exercises are attempted by
the Emirates Group’s Emirates SkyCargo division.

has developed a solid brand name as a pioneer in the aeronautics business,
especially as far as administration greatness. Emirates has won various honors
– it was positioned eighth via Air Transport World for “Carrier of the
Year” in 2012. The honor has been given in view of acknowledgment of its
sense of duty regarding wellbeing and operational brilliance, client benefit
innovators, budgetary condition including a 25-year back to back yearly


is evaluated as a four-star aircraft by flying consultancy assemble Skytrax.

has won the renowned tittle as the World’s Best Airline in the World’s Airline
Awards in 2013.

faithfulness benefit Skywards is its main CRM system. The honor winning long
standing customer program is a four-level regular customer program worked by

is utilized by more than 5.72 million clients.


Emirates Skywards Blue

Ø  Complimentary
e-door exit and passage in Dubai

Ø  Instant
overhauls with Miles accessible at registration

Ø  Personal
inclinations are recollected

Ø  Personal
travel facilitator can be designated

Ø  Waitlist

Ø  Welcome
extra Miles

Emirates Skywards

benefits of Blue; Plus

Ø  Access
to all Emirates Business Class Lounges in Dubai

Ø  25%
reward Skywards Miles when you fly with Emirates

Ø  Instant
redesigns with Miles accessible on board the flying machine

Ø  Guaranteed
overabundance stuff remittances

Ø  Priority

Ø  Priority

Emirates Skywards Gold

Ø  All
advantages of Blue and Silver; Plus

Ø  Lounge
access all through the Emirates organize

Ø  50%
reward Skywards Miles when you fly with Emirates

Ø  Guaranteed
situate reservations, even on completely reserved flights

Ø  Lounge
access for visitors

Ø  Priority
stuff conveyance

Ø  Opening
Doors lavish way of life offers

Emirates Skywards

benefits of Blue, Sliver and Gold; Plus

Ø  First
Class registration and things conveyance

Ø  Access
with visitors to the Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai and overall parlors

Ø  75%
reward Skywards Miles when you fly with Emirates

Ø  Gold
‘Accomplice’ Card for a companion or accomplice

Ø  Guaranteed
Business Class income seats

Ø  ‘Last
Seat’ Flex remunerate tickets even on popularity flights


Skysurfers, Emirates long standing customer program for youthful voyagers
matured two to 16, we can gather Miles for treats like free flights, Apple
iPods, diversions and the most recent mold embellishments. Your Miles don’t
lapse for a long time so you can set something aside to something you truly
need. We’ll additionally get your own particular participation card and have a
great time when flying with Emirates on account of additional uncommon treatment
and club benefits.

procure Miles at an indistinguishable rate from Emirates Skywards individuals,
and you can graduate to Silver or Gold enrollment simply like whatever remains
of the family. All you have to do to gain or spend your Miles is cite your
enrollment number at the season of booking. A parent or watchman’s mark is
expected to join and to reclaim Miles for rewards.

Windows 8-based CRM

The carrier has made
its own Windows 8 construct CRM application in light of a HP ElitePad 900
tablet PCs. The organization started revealing the tablets on planes early this

The innovation Emirates
gives to its group separates them from other carrier crews and it connects
with clients.

With that numerous
representatives noticeable all around, group individuals frequently know
minimal around each other. Be that as it may, under the new program, a purser
will have the capacity to build up a team design before a flight and make sense
of’s who.

The Windows 8 CRM
application will give an outline of the flight group, with photographs, data on
experience and work qualities and goodies, for example, dialects talked.

With tablet close by,
the purser will before departure refresh the group on the most proficient
method to address traveler inclinations, and, after all other options have been
exhausted, change individuals’ seats.

Emirates High Street

brings us a standout amongst the most unprecedented and remunerating shopping
background with an immense scope of extravagance merchandise, a list with more
than 150 pages that you can arrange amid flight or at home.

The Travel Planner

Ø  Update
you’re seating, dinners and drink inclinations

Ø  It
enable you to pick a superior agenda

Ø  Assist
you specifically, as indicated by what you require and what you need.

Other CRM

Ø  E-Services

Ø  E-Claims

Ø  E-Services
guide tour

Ø  E-Newsletter

Extra Airline Benefits

Ø  Special

Ø  Chauffer

Ø  Fast

Ø  Dubai
visa benefit

Ø  Stopover

Ø  Hotel
booking usefulness

Ø  Unaccompanied
youthful travelers














In June 2017, a new cyber virus spread from Ukraine to wreak havoc around the
globe, crippling thousands of computers. FedEx Corp, package Delivery Company,
said its fiscal 2018 results would be hurt due to disruption of operations
following a cyber-attack last month. It is still experiencing widespread
service delays following the attack. It was unable to estimate when services at
the unit would be fully restored. It experienced loss of revenue due to
decreased volumes, incremental costs from contingency plans and remediation of
affected systems. Share prices of FedEx dropped after this incident.

What are the different forms of system attacks? What steps should FedEx follow
to handle a virus attack of such magnitude?


There are two common
forms of system attacks:

Compiled Viruses:
It is that sort of an infection whose code is changed over by the compiler into
an arrangement which can be straightforwardly executed by a working framework.

Interpreted Viruses:
These are the more predominant kind of infection. Deciphered infection is made
out of program or code which can be executed just by a specific application or
administration. These are relatively simple to create.

are some of the variants of the complied type computer virus:

Boot Sector Virus – As the name proposes a
boot area infection influences the boot segment on your PC. A Boot area
infection increases finish control over the Master Boot Record (MDR) or the DOS
by supplanting the substance of the OS with that of its own subsequent in
mistakes amid booting or ‘can’t boot’ message. Michelangelo and Stones are a
few cases of boot part infections.

File Infector Virus – This is the most well
known and most predominant variation of ordered PC infection. It connects
itself to executable projects, for example, word processors, amusement records,
spreadsheets applications, and so forth. The document infector infection fixes itself
into the host record and starts its operation at whatever point the record is

Multipartite Virus – Not at all like
different sorts of infections, the multipartite finds various rearing regions
for target. It might append itself to the boot division, the executable
documents or both relying upon machine variations like the sort of OS and
different factors. Some example of multipartite infection is Flip and Invader.

FedEx should follow the
below steps to handle a virus attack

1. Inform users and

 On the off chance that your framework has been
traded off, the initial step is to illuminate some other clients or customers
that may likewise be influenced by this. It’s imperative for them to be kept
educated about the status of the infection, alongside the security of any
relating, touchy information.

2. Use current updated
anti-virus software

infection programming is essential for containing and informing clients about
potential dangers. Without general updates, it can give windows of chance to
assaults to happen and infiltrate your IT foundation utilizing known endeavors.
Continuously stay up with the latest and dynamic.

3. Scan the computer

 Once the anti-virus program has contained and
evacuated the infection, filter the PC again to guarantee the danger has been
dispensed with. It’s additionally helpful to plan a sweep once the PC is not
being utilized to give it an exhaustive appraisal.

4. Always be prepared
with backups

circumstances that require an entire wipe out of framework and projects, it is
basic to perform consistent reinforcements of their information, archives and
any indispensable data both on location and off-site on secure cloud servers.
Indeed, even with the most dependable hostile to infection programming, there
is dependably a potential hazard for infections.

5. Use Internet

firewalls help to shield your PC from any potential pernicious dangers through
the Internet. This can limit the potential for any future assaults.












What is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)? Should cyber security be a part of
the BCP? What lessons should FedEx learn from this incident?


business continuity plan (BCP) is an arrangement to help guarantee that
business procedures can keep amid a period of crisis or fiasco. Such crises or
catastrophes may incorporate a fire or whatever other situation where business
is not ready to happen under ordinary conditions.

this time, on account of data innovation, the means for debacle recuperation
would include reclamation of servers or centralized servers with the assistance
of reinforcements, re-foundation of private branch trades and rigging up the
neighborhood to have the capacity to meet essential and prompt business

business congruity includes those systems and strategies that must be executed
by an association to guarantee that basic capacities keep on operating amid and
additionally after a debacle.

Yes, the cyber security
is the part of Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

continuity planning and disaster recovery are both mechanism that empower
associations to be prepared for any sort of unanticipated occasion that may
disturb their typical working. The part of administration in this situation
would extend from examining the arrangement, to outfit and support, to help
executing the arrangement enthusiastically amid a crisis.

Lesson learnt by FedEx
from this incident

building up a BCP all dangers that could stop general business ought to be
resolved. The subsequent stage is to decide the hugest errands required to
proceed with operations. Who are the vital individuals and what are the
apparatuses and data expected to proceed with operation?

ought to be a rundown of individuals in administration and their contact data
incorporated into the BCP. These individuals ought to have each other’s contact
data at home. On the off chance that it is difficult to get to the workplace,
they ought to have the capacity to get in touch with each other and make
arrangements for continuing operations, at both home workplaces and offsite
areas. This incorporates utilization of information reinforcement and calamity
recuperation designs.

individuals should be associated with making a BCP. The obligation regarding
making a BCP ought not to fall on any one individual alone.

1. Lack of Awareness is

must know about the present security risks, and how to manage them. That
implies focusing on what IT says, seeing how the business frameworks work, and
knowing when another malware or infection assault hits.

2. A Single Good
Practice Can’t Protect from All Malware

the past, most ransomware like WannaCry was spread fundamentally through
phishing messages, and solid against phishing methodology was extremely
compelling at managing the risk. Digital assaults frequently develop and find
extraordinary, more deceptive approaches to find new casualties. We can’t
depend on a solitary system to keep a specific risk.

3. Network Segmentation

segmentation refers to gadgets that abstain from interfacing with the business
organize or associate just quickly in nearly observed circumstances to dodge
information vulnerabilities and malware. Particularly after WannaCry, this is
resembling a decent system for organizations that handle a considerable measure
of touchy data.