Informative speech on Kate Middleton Essay

As I just mentioned I would like to tell you a little bit about Kate during her holding years.

Skate’s early childhood was quite different from the life that she lives today. Kate was born into an ordinary middle-class family and was the oldest of three children. Nicholas Koehler, in his article on Kate Middleton that appeared in Manacle’s on November 29th, 201 0, tells us that Skate’s parent, Michael and Carols Middleton, met while working as flight attendants. In 1 987, Carols Middleton launched a family business called party Pieces when Kate was five years old.This successful business that sold children’s party gear made the Middleton family millionaires. The success of party ices enables the Middleman’s to send their children to expensive boarding schools. Andrew Morton, in his book, William and Catherine: Their Story writes that Kate was bullied at Downs House, the all girls school she attended.

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According to the biography. Com website, she continued to be bullied after she transferred to Marlborough College, where boys rated her a 2 out of 10 according to physical appearance.However, it was not until William attended a charity fashion show in which Kate modeled lingerie that he became romantically interested in her.

By 2003, Kate and William were dating. The two kept their relationship hidden from the public. Eventually the paparazzi learned of their relationship and, according to biography. Com website, the people split in 2007 due to the stress Of publicity.

The split did not last long though as only a few months later Kate was seen at several royal events with the prince. In 2005, Kate, along with William, graduated from the University of SST. Andrews.Andrew Morton, in his book William and Catherine: Their Story, writes that, William proposed to Kate with his mothers engagement ring on a vacation to Kenya in 2010. They were married on April 29th 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London. On this date Kate officially became a royal, gaining the name Catherine, Her royal highness the Duchess of Cambridge along with many responsibilities.

Currently, Kate serves as Duchess of Cambridge. Not only is Kate now the wife of a future King but is mother to a future king as well. On July 22nd, 2013, Kate gave birth to a son, who is currently third in line to the throne.Kate and William decided to name their son George Alexander Louis, in honor of Williams great-grandfather, King George VI. On top of being a mother, Kate is a philanthropist, working with many charities and organizations.

In an article titles: The charities chosen by the Duchess of Cambridge”, in a January 2012 issue of The Telegraph, reporter Richard Allen says that these charities include Action on Addiction, East Angling’s Children’s hospital, The Art room, The national portrait Gallery, and the Scout Association. Kate also serves as a fashion icon and role model to many.