Informative Speech on Tens Unit Essay

IV. Today, I will be discussing 2 aspects of the TENS Unit. The First one will be who is the one that invented it and the second would be what is it made to Body l. First, lets look at who invented the Transmutations electrical nerve stimulation, known as the TENS unit. According to article, “The Reincarnation Case of John Littleton/Norm Shells, MD. PhD,” Article by Walter Semi, MD. From Born Again and Return of the Revolutionaries. Accessed at Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition, and Spirit website on October 8, 2013.

Norm Shells was a magnificent neurosurgeon, inventor, writer, and professional in pain management. Dry. Norm Shells was the inventor of the TENS Unit. B. Dry. Norm Shells was known as the father of modern comprehensive pain programs, that included several disciplinary advances to tackle, involving psychologists and general physicians. (Transition: Now that we have discussed that Dry. Norm Shells was the infamous inventor of the TENS unit, let’s consider what the TENS Unit was made to do. ) II.

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Second, the Transmutations Electrical Nerve Stimulation Unit is a device that is used to relieve pain which is nonsensical. According to WebMD website, which I accessed on October 8, 201 3, states that the ‘TENS unit, is a back pain treatment that uses low voltage electric current to relieve pain. B. According to article, “Tens unit for Severe Nerve pain,” written by Lila Standard on November 5, 2009. Accessed through Livingston. Com on October 8, 2013. States that the TENS Unit comes from the Gate Control Theory, which was created by Dry.

Ronald Emplace and Dry. Patrick Wall in the year of 1965. ‘This theory introduced that stimulating the nerves with electricity reduced pain by closing “a gate mechanism in the spinal cord. ‘” The procedure for the TENS Unit consists of outgoing wires with electrodes attached to the ends of the wires. The electrodes are placed onto the patients body where the pain is occurring and it ends a mild voltage current through the body to the nerves were the pain is.

Conclusion Today we have discussed who invented the TENS Unit and what it was created to do. II. Now that you have heard this speech, do you have a better understanding about the TENS Unit and the knowledge of general use for nerve pain relief? In my experience through pain management, I have been treated with a TENS Unit and It really did relieve my pain. B. After researching this device I was amazed of the history of an electric fish being used to treat pain. I am glad that choose to pick the TENS unit as my invention.