Facts About Heart Disease Essay

Hi, my name is Becky Schilling. When I was onus, my parents always tried to instill healthy habits and knowledge in me. By my freshman year of high school, however, decided to take a more personal interest in the subject of diet and exercise.

Ill. Consistent diet and exercise has a positive effect on chronic diseases. IV. I know all of you know someone who is obese, has cancer, or suffers from a heart disease, for these are far from uncommon in today’s society.

Transition: The most commonly seen form of chronic diseases is obesity. BODY I. Obesity A.Weight-loss Transition: Arguably much more serious than obesity is the greatly feared chronic disease-?cancer. II. Cancer A. Reduced-risk Transition: While cancer maybe “greatly feared,” the real leader in cause of death in the United States (according to the CDC) is heart disease. II.

Heart Disease Transition: A balanced, proper diet combined with exercise aids in reducing the risk Of all chronic diseases. CONCLUSION l. Although not all chronic diseases can be reverted through proper diet and exercise, the risks of all can be greatly reduced through these two simple acts.II. Just think, if Americans were more health conscious about their food choices and exercised a minimum of 2 h hours a week of aerobic activity (36 minutes a day), chronic diseases wouldn’t span seven of the top ten causes of death in the United States (CDC, 2010). Bibliography Curing, C. , & Laurence, P.

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