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In some pale-tribe, tattoos use to reflect people ‘s spiritual power or life force and it served them for ornamentation and distinction. Some Hawaiian also think that tattoos had guard their health and spiritual well-being. Next want to introduce some tattoos materials and steps for tattooing. In he past, the people would use some taper material and nature pigment to have tattoos, but nowadays when you having a tattoo , it have many material and compare in the past , it become more professional. In the main tool, it has some autoclaves to sterilize, that can make sure your body is clear.

Also it have a Tattoo Machines, sometimes it referred to as a tattoo gun or iron, it is a simple device that is used to create a tattoo, the machine can be held easily in one hand to move and along the surface of the skin and drive colored. And it must have some tattoo tables and chairs for people to be more comfortable tenting their tattoos. But not least, the tattoo pigments. In the tattooing process, artists sometimes will use some Flash CD Tattoo designs, surgical scissors, Hand Gel and Surgical masks. However, some people want to remove their tattoos, it will use the Tattoo Removal Laser.

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That just look like to have a surgical operation. The steps of tattooing, first you should select tattoo design and placement, and tattoo artist will clean the area with antibacterial soap, and than they will set up tattoo machine and begin to tattoo and the process is really painful. When tattoo is complete, the will help you to cover the tattoos. Now lets talk about “tattoos” in nowadays. Tattoos in nowadays has become a trend and arts, so most of the people were accepted this trend culture and we are not difficult to know it.

Many people want to have tattoos in few reasons, one is they think it is an art, second is they like how it makes them look , like someone think that tattoo is a fashion things and it can makes them look better. Someone may think that it is a symbol of love, religious, commemoration or anything. For some lady, tattoo is a cosmetic, nowadays are popular at “permanent makeup” and “medical tattoos”. Nowadays in Hong Kong “Tattoo” is be monitored by law, the legislation has mention that under 1 8 years old people can not having a tattoos, to compare with some foreign countries ‘s law, Hong Kong is more partial to conservative about ” tattoo” .

Also, in the Chinese culture “tattoo” maybe think that it is a negative things, some people may think that it contrary the Confucianism, it is not respect to your parents. The other sides, some younger people is being open mind of “tattoo”, they will this is not a problem to have tattoos. For my views, think “Tattoo” is an art, and it is free for you to love it or hate it , it depends n your personal interests. But the last, if you want to have tattoos, I think you think some factors.

First is tattoo will have risk and damage your health, According some news, it said that tattoos are easily to in contact with bacteria and viruses and it can get into the wound and your entire body, also increase the Rick to have a skin cancer. On the psychological level, some cases is people is easily to get addiction in tattoos, this psychology phenomenon is not normal. Secondly, in the workplace, most company in Hong Kong are not accept their staff having tattoos, because they think it will be damage the mage of the company.