Teaches life lessons Essay

Jackie Robinson Played for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 Fantastic records . 349 BAA and . 985 UP Lots Of harassment from other players, fans, and coaches Lots of rascal remarks Civil rights activist Showed whites and blacks can work together Supported by Pee Wee Reese Broke the color barrier “A life is not important,” said Jackie, “except in the impact it has on other lives. ” Tommy John Created by Frank Gooseberry on the elbow Tear in the lunar collateral ligament Usually end of career Get tendon from forearm or hamstringDrills holes in the ulna and huntsmen tendon is brought through in figure 8 pattern Still takes a while to get back to normal Throwing puts great stress on the arm Not a natural movement Whipping action Showed the danger of pitching Kids shouldn’t throw sliders Dry. James Andrews says, “Fatigue is the number one reason for arm problems, and arms need rest to have less chance of injuries. ” He also states that this is why pitch count is so important and also that coaches need to be aware of players fatigue. Instant replayReally new About it Must be a call that’s is not off an opinion Calls to New York peoples thoughts Bruce Sartre someone who has played at the professional level states that,” instant replay in baseball would ruin the game.

” Bad umpires have that job for a reason Taking authority away from the people who get paid to be authority Cause more coaches and players to talk back to umpires Delay games longer Game of humanity, getting screwed and getting the bad call Teaches life lessons. Messes up the rhythm Good No bad calls