Playing vulgar video games Essay

Bullies can come from a family where there is just too much discipline. C. Also if a hill grows up in a neglectful family this can cause them to become a bully. 2. Another mechanism that causes someone to bully is simply just wanting to have power.

A. When a child wants to be powerful the only thing that can make them have any type of power is bullying. B.

When a child starts bullying their victim they have complete control over the victim. C. The bully tells the victim what to do every single day until the bully is stopped. 3. The last trait the makes someone become a bully is social entertainment. A.

When a child is playing vulgar video games at a young age the child begins to think that yep of behavior is acceptable. 8. Also when a child watches scary movies at a young age they want to try and act the same scene out on one of their peers at school. C.

Who would have thought that social entertainment could cause someone to become a bully. Transition: Now that you know what causes someone to bully, let me tell you all where bullying takes place. 1. The number one place where bullying occurs at is school, we all know that. A The reason why bullying happens at school is because the teacher cannot see everything that goes on in a class room.B. Also there are so many kids at school and that gives the bully plenty Of room to bully anyone he/she comes in contact with.

2. Bullying also happens at out of school events such as; football or basketball games, parties, or just anywhere without adult supervision. A. Bullies have more freedom to bully anybody they want when they are not under supervision because there is no adult to tell them to stop. B. Also bullies can gang up together and bully their victim because anything is aloud without adult supervision.

Transition: Now let me tell you all the main three different types of bullying found on bullying. About. Com.

1 .Physical Bullying A. This type of bullying is where there is physical force.

B. Physical bullying is where you see the shoving, spitting, kicking, and even punching. C. Physical bullying mainly happens away from the teacher or adult like on a play ground or event outside of adult supervision.

D. Physical bullying is where the bully gains their control over their victim. 2. Verbal A. This type of bullying is the use of words to the victim. B.

Verbal bullying usual involves taunting or teasing. C. Most verbal bullies have low self-esteem and tend to verbally bully the victim to make them feel better about themselves. 3. Emotional Bullying A.Verbal and Emotional bullying are Very similar to One another but emotional bullying is the spread of rumors. B.

Emotional bullying is mainly in relationships where the partner may put them down and hurt their feelings. C. Emotional bullying is where the bully will get everyone to turn on their victim and refuse to talk to them. D.

Emotional bullying is basically where the bully does something so terrible to cause their victim to just burst into to tears. Transition: I now to tell you all the effects bullying has on its victim. 1. Loss of appetite affects the victim A. The victim will stop eating if the bully is calling them fat.

B.The victim is sometimes forced to give their meals to the bully. C. Loss of appetite can lead to a severe case of eating disorder.

2. Low self-esteem also affects the victim. A. The victim starts believing all the lies and rumors the bully tells them. B. The victim will think that he/or she isn’t good enough.

C. The victim will never be happy with themselves. D. Having low self-esteem leads to depression and sadness. 3. Sleep problems A. The victim loses sleep at night because he/she will start getting nightmares about the bully.

B. Losing sleep causes the victim to perform badly at school cause they are becoming sleep deprived. C.