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These organized programs help families I n times of emergencies or when life’s burdens are thrown upon them (My Sectors).

The start of welfare programs can be dated back to the early jess. When the e colonies were just beginning to develop, they adopted the theory of the British Poor La was. These were placed in order to give aid to people who are elderly, disabled, or just recently unemployed (Welfare Info). Following the Civil War in 1862, the Civil War Pension Program was established. This took veterans and their families under the wing of Uncle As m postwar, giving them a chance to transition back to the normal working life.It wasn’t until 1 96 that the Social Security Act was enacted by Franklin D.

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Roosevelt (Welfare Info). With the ball rolling to add new programs, others were proposing ideas faster than the government cool d figure out what was working and what wasn’t. This is when Bill Clinton passed the Personal Response instability and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act in 1996. The federal government now wow old pass a lump capitulate 2 sum of funds directly to the state, putting trust that they would adhere to a SST Andre to control who is receiving these benefits and to have some type of criteria all participant TTS must meet (Welfare Info).SNAP, or supplemental nutrition assistance program, formerly known as food stamps provides families with a monthly allowance on a benefit card. This card works as a debit card and is accepted in numerous grocery stores and other locations (Astringents) . SNAP provides an extra allotted amount of money to families so that they can put their income t awards different expenses such as rent or utility bills. Food stamps grant families the opportune ditto be able to purchase healthy food approved by the USDA- Qualifications are income base d.

For a family of four, income must be no greater than $2,584 a month and $31 ,008 a year (Ge tainting). Health care is a necessary living expense. Affording it, however, can be a bit of financial barrier to some people. Averaging at about $300400 a month, nearly 50,000 people in Monroe county are finding themselves without health insurance (Bernhard). A according to the Rochester homepage website, 85% of workers have private health insurance, 7. 9% and have public health insurance, while 8. 2% of workers have no insurance at all. For the e unemployed, numbers stand at an unfortunate 23.

6% being uninsured (Bernhard).In an beef rot to make health insurance more accessible, anesthetically. Ova developed a program to place e families in in programs based on income. If money is a problem, more assistance is available el at a lower cost, but only with the proper proof of income (Bernhard). One of Rochester biggest hardships is homelessness. Fortunately, the Roaches term Housing Authority, or RAH, has a program suited to help put families in homes. Practice ally the only factor that qualifies someone to get this assistance is income, which needs to be lower than 90% Capitulate 3 of the area median income (We’re Here).Currently, there are approximately 2 2,000 families receiving housing assistance.

0% of them are living in public housing, while t he remaining families receive vouchers which help them pay for their house expense. The r acquirement for those families to collect allowance is that they need to be in a home approved by the RAH (We’re Here). For a family of four, the maximum gross income cannot exceed $53,600.

The lifetime time restriction to these benefits is limited to 60 months. Once this pa sees, the family must then apply for federal aid instead Of assistance ran by the state (We’re H ere).Limits on benefits in NYSE are an effective way to direct how often funds are re chivied by artisans However, the failure with these limitations, is that where one pro gram ends your eligibility another picks up the slack and takes you under their wing (Barbell) . For example, TAN has a hard cutoff time of 60 months on assistance, on the other hand S AN (Safety Net Assistance) is available for people who have met the cutoff time for TAN. Par tacticians can receive cash allowance from SNAP for 2 years, then after those two years, fund s are given In forms of noncoms such as topiary checks or vouchers (Barbell).

Former President Bill Clinton had a proposal to set a 2 year limit on all welfare funds embodied. Meaning that just because one program had disqualified a participant ant after the time limit had been exceeded, they could not go and apply to another program to r chive assistance. Through the years, there have been fallouts and loop holes have developed in plans such as TAN and SNAP that have allowed people to move from program to program ( Departed).

Capitulate 4 Over the years, more and more issues with the welfare system have been did notified.Most of these deriving from either abuse or poor selection on who can qualify for t hose benefits. One major issue following welfare abuse is where the money is spent. Studies have e found that there are numerous cases reported monthly of people receiving assistance spending g their funds on things such as drugs, alcohol, and lottery tickets or other forms of gambling. T he problem roots from not being able to regulate money other than food stamps. Once the MO nee is transferred onto a benefits card, the person can go to any ATM and take the funds out (Ta finer).

On February 04, 2014, a bill was passed by State Senator, James Seward, that prohibits the spending of cash assistance on these “luxuries”, as well as placing bans on certain atoms found I n casinos, strip clubs, liquor stores etc. The final vote was 534, making this the third year in a row that the senate has passed this bill (Public). Once the bill is passed along to the Assam fly is where it seems to fail, falling off and never being made final. A problem with this prop goals presented by Seen. Bill Perkins, is the difficulty Of regulation dollars which have no real way 0 f tracking.Placing restrictions on certain atoms could potentially be the difference between n preventing the withdrawal of stripped dollars, and “penalizing a poor mother who simply wit hewed money to buy milk” (Public).

An additional problems lies not within eligible participants with assistance, buy before they are even accepted. Drug testing has been a proposed law that has been discussed inside and out. With 11 states leading the way, placing drug tests for incoming beneficiaries sees, New York straggles behind, failing to place a rule set in stone (Drug). Seen.Greg Ball has r commended substance and alcohol abuse screening for all applicants.

His idea states that f a person tests Capitulate 5 positive for any of these tests they will be denied assistance immediately and referred to a treatment program. The denial is not permanent however. Testing would ere pen for applicants every 6 months (Drug). Although a good majority of New York citizens agree with this idea, there is a portion that see it as a waste of time.

In July, 2014, studies showed only 1/800 applicable nets tested positive for drugs. In a four month study occurring at the same time, but in Florida, dad TA shows only 2. % of applicants tested positive (Chuan). Opinions of putting people who are lealer dad “embarrassed” and “ashamed” fall under terms such as “demounting’ and “demoralizing” (SSH loud). These are issues that need to be recognized and efforts need to be put forth by not only public officials, but also in the community. Everyday people witness abuse of t he welfare system and allow it to happen.

Drug testing is something that needs to be reinforced. The slate may need to be wiped clean and started from scratch versus trying to adjust a program so scrambled.The grey areas need to be cleared up and more defined time restraints need to be put in place.

The government does not keep a close eye on individuals as they should. Their co nicer is society as a whole. They try to place rules to have control faster with less effort Time nee ads to be taken for each case to understand where the system is failing.

That’s where the biggest problem lies. Each participant is more than a number. They are a person. Regardless of their inter notions, their actions are what is going to affect society. Not just some law written on a piece of pap ere.