Infrastructure Of Nicaragua Essay

A lot more streets in Nicaragua are not paved and they are just dirt roads, the buildings of echo hotels, hostels, and schools are different, along with the living situations of people. It is important to these people to have what they need in order to survive and provide for their families.

On our trip to Nicaragua, I noticed a lot of things that were different than Costa Rica and the United States. Most of the streets in Nicaragua we went on were not paved or were not real roads. To get to our first hotel we had to drive through the city and then go up a dirt path to it. It was hard seeing that they could not afford to pave their roads.

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Most roads here in Costa Rica are paved from what I have experienced. This is a sign of bad infrastructure there in Nicaragua. Also on the streets there was constant dust every”here we went.

Our van would be covered in dust once we got to our destination. It was so bad that we had to close our van windows so the dust didn’t get inside the car. When we got to certain spots and out of the Van, the wind would just blow dust from the dirt roads into our eyes and mouth. The kids we went to o visit at an elementary school were covered in dirt and dust from playing outside in the dirt.

Not only were the streets in bad conditions, but also the hotels and hostels in certain cities were built differently. In the first echo-lodge we stayed at in La Conception, I noticed something different about how it was made. I later learned how they constructed the echo-lodge. The lady who was giving us a tour of the lodge explained how everything was made. The lodge was all made up of hay that was tied together to make the buildings. The hay was all stacked on top of each other. Once it was all stacked and formed a building, the people laid down cement on the hay.

So the buildings in the hotel were made up of basically hay. I thought that was an awesome and inventive idea to create infrastructure. Have never seen that before, and was pretty interesting to learn about how it was made. Also in this same echo-lodge we stayed at, they used volcanic rocks and bamboo to for the cabins that we slept in.

The rocks were the bases Of the cabin, while bamboo was used as the roofing and sides. On top of the roof they used what the indigenous people of Nicaragua use for their sousing, don’t remember the name of it, but it looked like some sort of straw.Also another place we stayed at in La Garlanding had a different infrastructure to it as well. The buildings were all made from recycled material.

It was another place for tourists to stay at and learn about what they do there. It was a community of 17 people that helped form these buildings. At first they would use a big tree outside to hold meetings and talk about things. As months passed by, they realized they had to add some buildings to the property. They added the main building where they now host meetings and events.It was very important for them to make this infrastructure because it helped them grow as a community.

It was really hard to see the living situation of people in Nicaragua. It made me sad that not everyone there is able to afford a house. The living situation for the people there is very poor. The houses are very small and they are built from sheet metal. All these people can afford are to buy sheet metal and build their houses from it. There were many gaps in the sides of the houses and on the roofs.

It looked like if it were going to rain, the rain would just fall right through the gaps.They were poorly built without any professional help. All the houses seemed so cramped together with little space between the houses. Not many houses really had a patio or a backyard to them. The people found any little spot they could to build their house. I wish there was some way I can do something in order to help build some houses for the people there.

When was in 1 10th grade, I did a community service project with my friends and we went down to Tijuana and built a small house for a family down there, I’ve never seen a family more grateful than them. It was great to see how happy they were.I would love to be able to do that for a family in Nicaragua. Think that would be another great experience that I would remember forever. The infrastructure of Nicaragua was difficult to see, but I learned a lot by driving and seeing it first hand.

It makes me appreciate what I have back home, and not take things for granted. Wish there was something that I can do in order to help people out in Nicaragua. I really learned that should be more appreciative of what I have and to not complain about my life. There are thousands of people out there that have it way worse than me.