Innovative Services of Public Libraries in India Through Digital Means

I. Introduction A public library is a non-profit centre for people for their enrichment of knowledge and serves as a source of their personal and professional need of information in their life. It not only promotes adequate information to the people but also a key factor of social inclusion. India has a rich history of culture and education. And public libraries has a great impact in it from past to present. But now public libraries and its services are not up to the mark like developed countries like America, England etc. As the developed countries have moved their library services from traditional to digital mode, India as a developing country is facing some socio-economical problems to provide digital references in major areas of society.II. Literature Review  Kaliya Perumal and Baskaran(2010)states that, the public library exists from civilization of mankind and acts as the important custodian of human culture, knowledge and social customs.  Deshpande(2000)has observed the significance of public libraries in developing countries with their unique characteristics and proposed various services of public libraries in respect of various classes of the society.  Shahade Gokhale Roopa(2014)stated that the public libraries have recognized their role to satisfy information needs of all types of people in the society, also gave a clear structure of public libraries in India with the recommendations of NML for the development of libraries and information centres to make public libraries equipped with information.  Sami L.K,Iffat R.(2008)has discussed on the probable ICT applications in some areas which will be the instrument of rural development and make rural people up to date.  Kumbar B.D and Lamani B.M(2014)focuses on the role of rural library as a community information centre in the development of rural masses in Educational, Cultural, Socio-economic and Political areas and investigates the present status of public libraries in Karnataka and also proposed the services of rural public libraries should be as community information centre.