Inside Job Essay

The documentary The Inside Job tells the truth about the downfall of how greed, the lack of ethics and poor moral values destroyed the economy of the world.

Charles Ferguson deserves an award for bringing the truth to light as well as his narrator Matt Damon. This documentary shows how a lack of ethical values hurt the masses by the poor choices of those in power. It shows how corrupt that the officials public elect to protect them are and how money allows morals to disappear. I believe those responsible deserve life sentences for their actions.The wake of destruction that they left behind carries an everlasting effect for years to come. The best way to describe this is that a few people’s love of money is the demise of many. The film provides details of multiple violations of every imaginable ethical violation possible. The machine continued its growth because of lack of morals.

The people responsible only care in the world at the time was self-preservation. The downfall of others never worried them because their greed . They knew punishment for their actions were minimal at worst-case scenario. When crooks regulate everything, who is there left to fear.Therefore, they felt like if their no rules grab as much as you can while you can.

However, there are rules, but fellow crooks that commit the same crimes are judge and jury? Therefore, it is a waste more of the taxpayers’ money to seek punishment. It also my opinion that no CEO of any company deserves the bonuses they receive or the pay for that matter. These people work they are not world leaders or anything like that. They do not build anything or save lies for that fact, most of them probably do not understand the concept of life. It is outright sinful that most of the people who pay them possess the wealth they do.If am the owner of any billion dollar corporation not in my wildest dream is there any employee worthy of a salary or bonuses amassing in the millions. Greed is the great motivator in the world of business. The strong survive and the meek are devoured.

Politicians play a role in this because of their lack of ethics and moral values as well. The primary job of any politician is to serve the people and protect them from disasters such as this one. Instead, our officials refuse enforce the laws in place or create better ones to avoid this in the future. The leaders we elect employ the same crooks that created the problem.Why in the world give a thief keys to the bank? It does not show good ethics and it proves that corruption is at an all-time high.

Who is there left to trust that is the question. In my opinion, no one at all is trustworthy in the public eye from the actions. When someone can rob the bank and nobody cares what is to stop him or her. The fear of the law is not a factor because they assist in the robbery. The only way to fix the problem is to set limits on earnings, make stiffer laws, and remove all the people from their positions of power responsible for this debacle in first place.