Instant Replay in Baseball Essay

Individual Assignment Tim BCOM Mr. T October 1, 2012 Instant replay in baseball is a topic that has been discussed more and more recently over the past years. There have been numerous accounts of botched calls over the years due to the fact of the delay of when, where, and how will this system be put in place. There has also been criticism on whether the game should be changed to a football style system where each team would get two challenges per game throughout the entirety of a 162 game season. Some people believe that this would only lengthen an already long season.According to the article “Against instant replay”, these are only “once-in-a-decade events”.

In 2011, both the National Football League and the National Basketball Association were dealing with an intense collective bargaining agreement. During this time, the Major League Baseball Association realized that they too would be dealing with an intense battle of their own in the next couple years. With both sides (owners and players) having no desire to deal with a lockout, both sides came to an extended agreement before conflict ever arose.It was during this collective bargaining agreement when instant replay became one of the main topics of discussion.

There has been a great deal of advancement in technology over the past decade. With that being said, why have we not installed instant replay cameras in our ballparks to avoid these so called “once-in-a-decade” blown calls? In more recent baseball news, there have already been two controversial blown calls that has led to mayhem in the media as well as fans throwing bottles and garbage on the field to express their reactions.While we are all human, it makes no sense to not take advantage of a system that has already been adopted by the NFL to avoid such mistakes in the future and uphold the integrity of the game. If the NFL can use this technology to make the right call with guys running, jumping, and falling on each other, then why can the MLB not take the steps necessary to also adopt this system? Another solution would be to add an extra umpire that sits in a booth and reviews any call that may be considered controversial.This would give the umpires the same view as any person sitting at home watching the game. Some feel as though the game needs to be brought up to date technologically because of the unavoidable events of human error that occur; with the technology available, why not utilize it? References Douthat, R.

(2010). Against Instant Replay. Retrieved from the New York Times website http://douthat. blogs. nytimes.

com/2010/06/03/against-instant-replay/ on October 14, 2012.