Intan Permata Ayu Essay

Term 2 is almost over and in this essay I would like to explain to you what I’ve learned in the past 3 months less. What the things that I got from the learning and what is my strength or weakness. In this term 2, I learned a lot about English. Starting from how to write a great essay, how to make people interested in reading our essay, etc. I feel this way because I think English is one of the subjects that we need to learn and understand. First, I’ve learned about how to write an effective essay. Starting from finding ideas, the reasons, brainstorming, make the draft, editing, and write the final essay.

The last essay that I wrote is about the relation between cell and one object that I chose which is MacBook Pro. Second, I’ve learned how to make an effective PowerPoint presentation with a certain contents which are What, Who, When, Where, Why and How that likely to be said as 5W + 1H. Besides that, I also learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation and essay with the sense of humor or abroad. Besides that, I learned how to exchange words from the original words into a words that I haven’t known yet / Greek words. Besides that, I am able to know several words from Greek and how the uses to the sentences.

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Not only that, I also learned how to edit an essay with several techniques. Such as, adding a mark on the middle of the essay and replace it with a correct one. The most important thing that I learn from this class is that managing my time wisely. How I come on time everyday, finish my work, etc. My strength is probably I am able to understand what the teacher instruct but my weakness is that I’m too lazy to do the instructions. So that’s probably what makes me so lazy to enter the class even though I always come earlier than the others.