Integrated be appropriately summed up by the

Integrated brand communication is
like promotion and persuasion. To me it’s something that would draw a person
interest to a product. Consistent marketing that addresses the values of your
company, while building relationships with their clients. I think businesses
can benefit from integrated brand communication because it’s makes the company
more recognizable. A consumer will be able to remember the name, design, or
even the symbol of the brand. So, the more this brand do the more attention
from the customer it draws, because consumers like brands that they can

Nestle (Good Food, Good Life)
started its brand in 1866 as Condensed Milk. In the year 1867- 1905 the founder
Henri Nestle came up with a plan to get the product off the ground. Being one
the biggest food company, with about 6000 brands world-wide. Kritika Gower
reported that, “The vision of Nestle
reflects ideas of fairness, honesty and long-term thinking. These ideas are
reflected in the company’s corporate business principles that have shaped the
company culture and strategy for the past nearly 140 years.” Gower also said
that “For a company to start from a small domestic town and then expand
internationally, the strategic vision of the company plays a central and key
role… The main objective of Nestle can be appropriately summed up by the phrase
‘Creating Shared Value’ (Nestle, 2012.) This principle at Nestle can be
described as having a conviction to build long term and beneficial
relationships with their stakeholders, comply with all legal requirements and
ensure all activities that the business undertakes are sustainable and result
in value creation for both the company and the society at large.” Nestle holds
a lot of businesses and they are managing well to have so much under their
belt. As this brand continue to grow their image, they will succeed at whatever
they do because they put consumers first. They are building people interest as
the years go by.

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Nestle is a welcoming brand, which means they leave nobody out. It caters
to every type of person: health and wellness, on the go moms, children, and
even animals. Even the logo is welcoming, which is a mother bird and two baby
birds. The tonality of the brand is a solid color depending on it’s packaging. This
brand has four main communication channels not counting Wikipedia. They of
course have a main website, Twitter, Facebook, and a LinkedIn profile. From
there social media you can really get the feel that they are all about
supporting people and wanting them to have the best. It advertises not only their
product, but they also inform you on what’s going on. They LinkedIn profile is
very informative, and it connect you with the type of people that works for
them. They are using these sites everyday just to keep people informed.

                A good brand that demonstrates
effective marketing communication is Starbucks. Starbucks first came about in
1971 opening it’s first storefront in Seattle Pike Place Market. This place has
a high clientele and that’s what keeps the business thriving.  They know how to keep their consumers satisfied
and wanting to try the new things they offer. Starbucks has been known for good
coffee and its friendly service, “Starbucks has several features
that help them continue to succeed in their coffee segment. They have
many specialty coffee selections, flavors, and variety. For example, ice
coffees, Frappuccino’s, smoothies, tea, and holiday specialty drinks in
different seasons” (Page, 2018.)

                The United States hold the
largest number of Starbuck stores in the world, carrying more than 27 thousand
stores since 2017. With about 6 and more social sites, this brand is constantly
growing because of the different advertising. They are staying connected with
the fans on social media by simply giving them what they want. They create
different offers for different seasons. They main site reminds me of a blog,
its very informative and it keeps people involved with the non- profit.