Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Essay

In David Entwistle’s ( 2010 ) Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity based on my reading this book appears to be geared toward an audience that is chiefly of curates and Christian leaders because of the manner the book has been worded. The writers chief topic and based on the thought of seting the positions of psychological science and Christian divinity together. this was done to give us a better apprehension of Christianity truly means. Entwistles position is that if you dependably read the book of god’s work and the book of god’s word you would acquire a complete apprehension of what this book truly means ( p. ).

Based on my reading of this book it is tilting more toward seting psychological science and divinity together which most people think it’s the same thing but its non. But they are put together in that some of them portion some of the same thoughts. The individual who wrote this book had he thought that when a individual is in intervention for something. they have to be taken attention of wholly head. organic structure and psyche. Many Christians have a apprehension of how human life should be and in order to hold a successful life God has to be included.

When larning about religion and traveling to church it’s really of import to larn and understand about religion. Entwistle argues “are built-in to psychology. non mere parallel to it. ( p. 199 ) . This statement means that Theology can non be compared to psychology. They both are the same in some ways but in a batch of ways they are different. Enwistle does a good occupation in that he makes his place on the topic of incorporating divinity and psychological science really clear which is a good thing for the readers so the readers can acquire a full apprehension of how this works.

Enwistle besides gives illustrations of what he is seeking to explicate in the book. Many people need illustrations of what they are reading. that manner they can visualise what is traveling on which in bend gives them a better apprehension of how to construe the information. Another chief thought and focal point of this 4-MAT REVIEW book is “integrative attacks in a well-conceived Christian worldview” ( p. 63 ) This statement means presenting new thoughts into what is already a position of how Christianity and divinity are supposed to be.

But this can besides be a difficult thing to make. once people get a certain thought of have things are supposed to be they are afraid to present any new thoughts. Many people get stubborn in the manner that they think about things. one time their head is set its no manner in altering it. Another big them in this reading is universe positions. A definition of a universe position is a set of presuppositions which we hold about the basic make up of how the universe should travel.

Many people have a certain position in the manner that the universe should be. ut that’s non a good position to hold of the universe because this is a new twenty-four hours and age and things change from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. Entwistle in his book identifies 5 theoretical accounts of integrating enemies. undercover agents. colonialists. impersonal. parties and Alliess. In utilizing these theoretical accounts they provide a manner for people to understand how to incorporate these things within psychological science and divinity ( Enwistle. 2010 ) . Enemies are those people that believe integrating is non possible. they believe that the two should stay separate.

Spies come from both sides of integrating they seek out to happen information. Colonialists seek out to do psychological science more of import than divinity. Neutral are more isolate but they are besides more unfastened to other thoughts. The Allies theoretical account goes to incorporate both psychological science and divinity by utilizing both Gods plants and god’s word.

Concrete Response In my reading this book it takes me back to when I was a kid I ever remembered traveling to church with my ma. grandmother and cousins. I ne’er truly understood why we went. o one twenty-four hours I asked my ma and she truly didn’t cognize how to explicate it to me. she stated that there was a higher power that we pray to whenever we have jobs and issues traveling on in our lives. She besides stated to me that the Godhead and Jesus Christ was the ground why we were alive and that he created us in his image of how we should. As she was stating me this I was get downing to acquire a better apprehension but I was still slightly baffled.

So I asked my grandma when we have a job or publish why don’t we merely travel and speak to a psychologists. She explained to me that you could make that but the Godhead was still needed in order to acquire what you needed. From that twenty-four hours send on my ma and grandma ever made me travel to bible survey so that I could still acquire a better apprehension of the bible and how things should travel. It wasn’t until I was in-between school that I truly understood the whole psychological science and divinity construct. I considered myself to be a popular individual in in-between school. ut there were rather a few people that didn’t like me and they would ever strong-arm me and pick on me.

I would travel place weeping every twenty-four hours I ne’er told my parents what was incorrect I would pray to the Godhead and inquire why people would desire to be so hurtful to me. I was a good individual and I was ever sort to everyone that I met. Then one dark I prayed before I went to kip like I ever do. And I was holding a dream in the center of the dark and the Godhead spoke to me. He said Romeo you will ne’er understand people. they will speak about you and ache your feelings for no ground.

The Godhead besides said Romeo continue being yourself and don’t alteration for anyone. merely go on to pray for people. From that dark on I truly understood everything about religion. That dark I learned that if you pray unfeignedly to the Godhead he will reply your supplications. Once I went back to school everyone that was being average to me started to be nice to me all of a sudden. and I said to myself I was nil but the Godhead.

But that could travel both ways because there are some people who don’t believe in God or have faith. There are besides many other religions in the universe. Contemplation After reading over this book I found that it has some positives and some negatives. Enwistle clearly states how universe views affect the manner people approach integrating. Meaning some people won’t be unfastened to integration due to the fact that they don’t want to alter their ways of believing. Many people have an old school manner of thought and garbage to organize a new manner of thought in order to integrate new thoughts.

Along with this thought we will ne’er be able to come to a consensus because people will ne’er be able to come to a consensus about how the universe is supposed to travel. One issue that I found with this book is that Enwistle seems to believe that we can near psychological science and divinity neutrally every bit long as we have a cardinal thought of how things are supposed to. That’s an issue in that people are ne’er traveling to come to a cardinal understanding sing psychological science and divinity. Some people think that psychological science is merely psychological science that nil else should be incorporated with it.

And some people think that divinity is merely divinity that it should merely be releated to god and faith. Another issue that I found with this book is that it’s a difficult read. Enwistle should hold written this book in a simpler signifier. Many people who read this will hold a difficult clip understanding whats traveling on. There are simpler ways to understand and explicate psychological science and divinity in a manner that people will be able to understand. One good thing about the book is that Enwistle gives a batch of background and history information about psychological science and divinity.