“Intellectual the way of Christ. Essentially, both

“Intellectual maturity” and “moral responsibility,” are two traits
that inspire and create leaders all over the world.  They are both two
sides of the same coin; one being logically-based, the other,
spirituality-based.  I would define intellectual maturity as being a way
of thinking that puts reason before emotion.  This way of interpreting the
world pertains more toward the more logical side rather than the spiritual
side.  This basically means that, when given a situation, you must be able
to know what you should do to obtain the best outcome.  Now, when thinking
like this, you must also take into account some amount of feeling, such as what
is morally good, even if your choice seems like the best decision.  The
way I define moral responsibility relates more towards the spiritual side of a
person rather than the intellectual side.  Being morally responsible means
that you try your best to complete whatever God has planned for you.
 Taking care of God’s creation and volunteering your time to people who
need assistance are just a few of the ways in which you could be morally

    These two traits work hand-in-hand to create
the best kind of leader; one that thinks and acts based off of available
information and the way of Christ.  Essentially, both traits help shape
you into the best version of yourself.  I am certain that I can become the
best version of myself, granted that I attend and completely engage myself in
the Christian Brothers Academy.  I believe that I can obtain and improve
the traits of intellectual maturity and moral responsibility by learning about
the modern world and the church.  CBA can teach me about these things
through their excellent programs and teachers.  

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Once I have graduated from Christian Brothers
Academy, I will use these honed traits to go out into the world and become a
leader for everyone.  This means that I will spend my time and resources
leading spiritual projects like volunteering at soup kitchens and raising
awareness for people less fortunate than I.  Another way I can be a good
leader in the future is to try my absolute hardest at everything I do.  It
could be a college exam or an interview; doesn’t matter.  I would just
need to do it as best as I could.  Doing these things; being the best
version of myself, would allow me to become the greatest leader I could ever