Intellectual Essay

My life and world revolves around physical activity, take high pride in the way my body is shaped and how I feel about myself. All my life I have been involved in sports whether has been select or even the YMCA league. Sports is something that runs in my family and its a stepping tool we use to get us further in life. My parents have taught to me how to train and treat your body right, this means eating the right things and not putting things in my body that could hurt me.

I’ve learned this ata young age . Unfortunately did not have a normal diet as a kid would when he was little. was not allowed to drink pop, only allowed to have junk food on certain days, and always had to eat my vegetables.

Early in life knew there was a reasoning behind this so I never even questioned my parents. All my friends thought it was strange because even when I’d go to their houses would always drink water and never sugary juices. This is why believe I excelled over my friends and age group when in competition.

id it all I played football, baseball, and asketball. Basketball was my least favorite didn’t like the game or how it was so soft, I’m an competitive person and you couldn’t show your emotions how you wanted so I withdrawn from that after middle school. continued to play football and baseball throughout high school until decided I was no longer going to play and focus on football because know that it will get me the farthest in life. By doing that have earned an athletic scholarship which pays for my education.It has to be one of my biggest accomplishments not only to myself but to my parents and family. This is a great opportunity I have , not many African American males make it out my city most end up dead or in jail. I dont know where I’d be now if was still there. So im going to take full advantage of my opportunity and continue to further my education into sports medicine.

Whats better than being an athlete and learning things that are going to make you more successful as a player.I want to know everything there is to know of what I can do to be a better football player. Im young and healthy and can’t see myself doing anything else the rest Of my life . Going to the NFL has always been a thought f mine but has also been a thought of mine that has got shot down. But being shot down never stops me it makes me want to go do it give it a shot. I have friends and former mentors who have played or still do play in the league. They trained me and made me do stuff normal football players at my age don’t do.

Again I didn’t question or hesitate to do what they said listened and performed. This means countless hours of film, not going out to that party to hang out with friends so you can wake up early and get to work. I learned to love this lifestyle it has made me mature fast and become a man nd I wouldn’t change it for anything.

As I continue to work I know these next 4 years of my life determine my future . Everything I do I am watched and then judged. In the classroom and most importantly on the field.This means I have to excel above others everyday.

To get the best possible grades this semester plan to use my resources that are provided to me. If im having struggle with something ill ask for help, last semester was just doing the work not putting my intelligence to it. To fix that problem I plan to start all my assignments early and not put them off close to the deadline. Also figured hould follow the rubric exactly to get the highest grade. Im going to even stay in on weekends and not go out unless I have all my work done prior to monday.This is something have not done because Of the high-school I went to didn’t challenge us to our potential. But our football team did, I was lazy in the classroom but never would not give effort on the field.

Getting this college education is going to change all that , my whole life . want to never have to go back home unless I want to visit family because nothing is good for me there. Im going to use my education to allow me to do that. By the end of this semester I plan to see different results from last semester. I want to maintain a 3.

gpa throughout the rest of the year its a goal i’m setting for myself, Because I know if I can’t get it done here ill have to choose a different lifestyle and that is not what I want. I plan to take full advantage of this class and learn everything I can to make me a better writer. What I learn from this class could help me tremendously in other papers for other classes. I could impress my professor for my major when he see’s know how to set up a proper paper and it have the proper format. It shows im care and that I am interested in what he is teaching.I also want to learn by the end of the semester is how to set up a proper email because I know that will get me far in life.

No one ever has took the time to sit down and show me and teach me about being professional in school like they did in football. Having a mentor has made me make better choices and make the best decision for me. To be successful this year and the upcoming I plan to keep someone around who is always willing to help. Hopefully this class can help me with my professional life such as speaking to someone about writing r even designing a paper when it comes to getting a job in my field.

Writing is important to me and take pride in all my papers. Its a way to express my ideas and thoughts without having to tell anyone, I use writing as my get away. Maybe this class can get me further in my education and open more job opportunities for me which means more cash. At the end of the day its about the money and doing the right things on and off the field and succeeding in the classroom decides my outcome of how my life will be.

Im going to push myself to achieve these goals and when all is said and done the reward will be worth it.