Intentionally people in workplace can

Intentionally people in workplace can prefer to solicit advice
from inner circle of colleagues or favoring certain group and
disregarding others without necessarily being aware of its consequence. Often
it is called “Circle of Influence” as this group can influence management
decision and another individual’s behavior. Unquestionably such behavior may
affect the performance of other employees and the performance of the
organization. Favoritism in the workplace is counter-productive and, sometimes
unethical and illegal. Favoritism definitely an indication
of discrimination. The effect of nepotism is destructive to independent
employees as well as organization too.

I was working for Health group company. The company brought a new
reporting tool and management wants analysts in the organization to start using
this tool as this helps in automation of most of their reporting work. Central
committee has formed a new team which should carry the company goal
forward.  I was chosen as Data Analyst in that project as I have quite
good experience in automation and should work with Business Analyst, Financial
Analyst (FA) and Manager who were in the project for a longer period. My
manager used to provide special treatment to FA in the team and would always consider
his opinion as a high value and gives credit to that person. Nepotism
sometimes makes people/employees to commit mistakes easily which might affect
others or organization. This kind of unethical behavior’s in the
organization affects productivity of other employees too.  Regardless of one qualifications, hiring of family
or known members is also a part of nepotism. Ignoring qualifications and hiring
family relationship leads to company destruction.

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are different types of nepotism list offered by George N. Root, Christ Young
(2008) relative nepotism, friend nepotism, connection nepotism, contribution
nepotism, referral nepotism.