Inter-office Memo Tuition Reimbursement Request Essay

Hello Phil and I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this memo. As you can see from the subject line I am contacting you concerning possible tuition reimbursement for a course which I would like to enroll in at The University of Missouri St. Louis. As a brewery coordinator my daily duties as well as those of the co-workers in my department revolve around the use of computers. This is why the proposed class I wish to enroll in would be of great help to me and the corporation as a whole. The class which I am requesting reimbursement for is listed as INFSYS 2800. The title for this course is Computing and Information Systems. The main objective of this class is relating information systems to business functions. This course will further my knowledge in web page design, e-commerce, telecommunications, systems analysis and design, and integrated business information systems.

As I’m sure you know it is always good to have someone around who can help with computer problems without contacting the IT department. This course will help to give me the tools to not only perform my job better but be an asset to my entire team. My current duties involve extensive work in Excel as well as many other functions involving communicating with my assigned breweries, so this training will be put to good use. The course is offered as a hybrid course which means minimal class time with most of the school work performed from home. That being said, I am certain that the course will in no way affect my ability to perform my duties in my current position. The cost of this course that I am requesting for reimbursement will be $786.10. . This payment can be made to me or directly to the university.

This amount is not including the required text which I will pay out of pocket. I also will sweeten the offer with the following reimbursement terms. The percent of reimbursement by InBev will directly relate to my performance in the course. I propose the following based on my grade in the course in relation to the percent of tuition paid by our corporation; A=100% B=75% C=50% D=25% F=0%. I feel this to be a reasonable offer as well as a great incentive for me to do well in the course which will translate into better knowledge to be brought back to the work place.

The completion of this course will occur in May which is just before “Beer Season” which we all know to be a hectic time of year. As everyone knows our company is a great place to work because they take care of their employees and I feel as though this would not only be an extension of this policy but a great investment since I have been with the company many years now and plan to be here several more. Furthermore, I look forward to discussing this topic further in our meeting I scheduled through your secretary on Friday at 8:30am in your office. I hope you will have an opportunity to present this proposal to the powers that be and receive an approval. Thanks again for you time and it would be greatly appreciated if my reimbursement was approved. If you would like to reach me prior to our meeting you can contact me by email or phone at (314)623-6698.