Internal Beauty vs Physical Beauty Essay

Beauty only exists in perception, but not too many people are aware of that and judge a lot of people through the way they look and personality. I believe physical beauty can only get you so far in life, while others are so caught up in their looks and the way society views them.

Inner beauty in my perception is sublime and I wish more people would look more into their peers personalities then what they wear or if they’re in today’s trends.Everything is an art, everyone has some sort of beauty, and some sort of flaw, but flaws are interesting. Nothing is wrong and nothing is right because someone’s always going to view things differently, so therefore it’s all on how you perceive beauty. But not too many people are aware of these things, and go off and judge people by the way they look or even by their personality, but that doesn’t mean that’s not some form of beauty. Beauty is anything that catches someone’s eye whether it’s internal or external both are some form of beauty.

And I believe everyone should appreciate that. Better than going off and hurting someone’s feelings because they’re not “beautiful” in their eyes doesn’t mean someone somewhere else isn’t going to be attracted to that. Having a nice body isn’t going to help you pass your math quiz or make you friends if internally you’re mean and cruel. I mean I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who is nice looking but mean to me so that’s when my perception of external beauty comes in.But I’ve met a couple of kids who will not hang out with someone because they are physically “ugly” to them. So many people don’t eat or sometimes they hurt themselves because they don’t look like what is on the media or they feel that they need to fit in and than don’t end up actually being who they really are. A lot of kids get bullied because of their weight or because they don’t dress a certain way.

But no one takes the time to actually get to know the kid and who knows they’re probably really nice internally.Internal beauty is something very important to me unlike external beauty it actually shows who you truly are. You can not meet someone who you think has pretty eyes and right on the spot know if they’re genuine. When someone has internal beauty to me its stellar because I can actually trust them and keep an intellectual conversation because that’s what attracts me to them.

It would be nice if people took more time to get to know someone more in depth before judging them for the way they look.Physical beauty compared to external beauty brings a lot of conflict because not a lot of people accept what they think is wrong although that’s just their perception. At the end of the day beauty is beauty whether it’s external or internal because like I said at the beginning it’s all on your perception. But physical beauty is just the way you look or just the way you try to decorate yourself to fit a certain label you feel entitled to. But internal beauty is who you truly are, the way you treat people and the way you treat yourself.I would like to see more people care about their attitudes than if their makeup or shoes are perfect or clean. Also we all know without a beautiful personality you lose a lot of peoples respect and it’s even harder to get close to people.

You have to keep loving people whether you believe it’s wrong because in reality no one knows what’s right. Everyone will always have their own opinion but never get in the way of another person’s happiness.