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The company has also diversified its products to include printers, HDTV, cameras, and computer peripherals (Dell Launches Long-Term Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility 2014). The company has also been using innovative strategies and practices in an attempt to achieve its goals. The company is currently facing much competition from leading firms such as Samsung, Apple Incorporation, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Acre, among others. The company has been promoting various strategies in order to achieve the best goals. At Dell, effective organizational practices are usually common because this is the first approach considered whenever a new kind

Of change is expected from the organization (Wheeled & Hunger 2010). With this knowledge and understanding, we observe clearly that the company has continued to manage and rely on the best approaches thereby ensuring the greatest gains have been realized from this approach. As a result, the company is currently a major player and performer in the industry. Different techniques and planning procedures or courses of action have always been necessary and needed to achieve the stated objectives. This essay focuses on the performance of this company in terms of corporate social responsibility.

The discussion will identify the major practices and strategies that have made Dell Incorporation a leading player in its industry. The essay will also identify unique recommendations that can make Dell a leader in corporate social responsibility (CARS). Ethical Theory: Corporate Social Responsibility Business organizations should be ready to support the changing expectations of their stakeholders. Every business should act ethically and responsibly in order to achieve its goals. According to Kettle and Lee (2009, p. 84), ‘a business that promotes the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) achieves its goals within a short time’.

CARS is a powerful concept because ‘it encourages business organizations to support their stakeholders and communities’ (Wheeled & Hunger 2010, p. 37). This concept has the potential to promote the performance of many firms. Corporate social responsibility (CARS) is therefore one of the best practices in every business organization. Many studies and discussions have identified CARS as ‘a corporation’s duty to create its wealth using methods that enhance social welfare’ (Kettle & Lee 2009, p. 17). This concept emerged as a unique aspect of business ethics.

The CARS idea evolved in the last half of the 20th century. This ethical ideology strategies and controls the corporate ability of every business organization. The complexity of CARS has forced many companies to promote the best practices. CARS is a powerful practice that has the potential to redefine the future performance of many firms. Many organizations use this ideology to maximize their gains. The ideology also helps businesses support their immediate stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility seeks to support the needs of different customers, employees, and communities.

Social responsibility emerged to protect the welfare of many stakeholders in the economic landscape (Kettle & Lee 2009). The ideology emerged as a critical practice towards protecting vulnerable communities. The continued wave of industrialization resulted in political corruption, civil unrest, social decay, and economic problems. Many firms provided poor working environments to their employees. The idea was necessary towards supporting communities and stakeholders. CARS has the potential to ensure every business practice does not mainly focus on maximizing profits. Social responsibility is a good practice that takes three forms.

These forms include ‘voluntary actions, externally mandated, and market actions’ (Kettle & Lee 2009, p. 32). The government or other civil authorities regulate mandated actions. Such mandates are necessary towards supporting the rights of communities and employees. Market actions are responsibilities undertaken by businesses in order to remain competitive in their markets. These actions are common because they make businesses profitable and competitive. Voluntary practices are actions executed without legal requirement or regulation (Steiner & Steiner, 2012). Such strategies will solve various societal problems.

For example, companies can produce environmentally friendly gadgets and computers. This practice has the potential to make the natural environment more sustainable. The practice of CARS will also result in greater economic gains. This is the case because the approach has the potential to attract more customers and stakeholders. Every corporation should promote the best social practices and comply with every law (Gonzalez-Patron 2012). It is therefore agreeable that the practice will promote the best ideas. Stakeholders should work hard to ensure their corporations support the best CARS practices.

Some limited and ethical issues have emerged as a limitation to the corporate social responsibility. For instance, many analysts and economists have argued strongly that corporate social responsibility is something impossible in many firms. This is the case because the economic aspect of capitalism does not promote the best practices. Many companies cannot engage in meaningful CARS simply because they focus On the best financial outcomes (Audio & Folio 2011 A large number of companies have been using their strengths to over-utilities various resources.

They have been doing so without considering the needs and expectations of their stakeholders. This fact explains why there is a wide conjecture on the issues associated organizational activities and corporate social responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility at Dell Incorporation Dell Incorporation can be termed as a leading promoter of corporate social responsibility. The company has been focusing on the idea of CARS in order to achieve most of its goals. The company has been using powerful innovations in packaging, energy efficiency and e-recycling.

The company has been using modern technologies and innovations in order to give its customers the power to do more. The company’s products and technologies have been encouraging more people to consume less. This practice has been critical awards helping more people to minimize their CEO-footprints. This practice has been relevant towards achieving the best outcomes (Dell Launches Long- Term Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility 2014). The issue of environmental conservation has been taken seriously at the company. For instance, the company has been focusing on the integrity of the environment.

For instance, the company designs its products in such a way that they can support the needs of many people. The products also reduce the impact on the environment. The important thing is ensuring that more people make the natural environment more sustainable. The next thing is green packaging. The company uses recyclable materials in order to achieve its environmental goals. The concept Of green packaging has been making it easier for the company to achieve its CARS goals (Dell Launches Long-Term Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility 2014).

The company uses appropriate strategies in order to promote the best shipping practices. The firm has been using powerful training programs to ensure every community and consumer reduces the level of environmental footprint. The company uses different campaigns to ensure every person is ready to promote environmentally friendly practices. More people are able to recycle various Dell products. This fact explains why the company is one of the leading pioneers of corporate social responsibility (Audio & Folio 201 1).

The approach has also made it easier for the firm to attract a large number of customers and stakeholders. This practice has also continued to remain the best choice for many customers. The company has also been using its CARS strategy in order to address the challenges affecting different communities. The company has been identifying a number of communities and locations in an attempt to improve the living conditions of more people. To begin with, the corporation uses the power of youth learning in order to empower more individuals in different communities.

Such practices have been working effectively by fulfilling the changing needs of different individuals (Audio & Folio 201 1). Such individuals have been using their competencies in Order to achieve the best outcomes. In different regions in the united States and beyond, Dell Incorporation has established a number of Children’s Cancer Care centers. This practice has made it easier for many individuals to achieve their goals. Dell Incorporation has pioneered a number of Disaster Relief Centers and Community Service Centers. Such centers have made it possible for many individuals and communities to achieve their goals.

The company has been establishing such centers in different parts of the world (Dell Launches Long- Term plan for Corporate Social Responsibility 2014). This approach is currently making Dell Incorporation a leading player in an overly competitive industry. The other element of Dell’s CARS strategy focuses on people. Dell Incorporation considers and embraces the best ideas in order to achieve the best outcomes. The company hires and employs more individuals from different backgrounds. This aspect of diversity and inclusion is currently making it impossible for the company to achieve the best goals.

Every employee promotes the best practices and activities in order to achieve the best goals. The company promotes new partnerships with a number of stakeholders and companies (Walden 201 1). This practice has made it easier for the firm to focus on the best outcomes. The company creates powerful Employee Resource Teams (Arts). Such teams focus on the best ideas and competencies in an attempt to achieve the best outcomes. The practice also makes it possible for many employees to achieve their toenails. The issue of Workforce Commitment has encouraged the company to empower more individuals.

This practice is also making it easier for the company to achieve most of its potentials. Dell Incorporation’s supply chain focuses on the best practices and ideologies. For instance, the company compels its suppliers and business partners to promote the best social responsibility practices. The company also ensures its suppliers are diversified in order to achieve the best goals. These approaches have been making it easier for the company to focus on the best outcomes. The many has also been focusing on the issue of reporting (Wheeled & Hunger 2010). The company uses corporate social responsibility report.

It has also been creating customer value in an attempt to achieve the best outcomes. The company uses a powerful GRIM Index in order to report the best activities. Dell Incorporation is currently committing itself to doing its business in an ethical manner. The company also focuses on the issue of integrity in an attempt to remain competitive in its industry. The company has also been acting in a transparent manner. Dell also engages its stakeholders in an attempt to make more citizens responsible and aware of the best business practices (Carroll, A & Bucktooth, A 2014).

Governance at Dell is something that has been taken seriously for years. It is notable that change and evolution are powerful practices that have been defining Dell’s strategy. However, integrity has always remained the company’s guide (Ireland & Hit 2005). The company has been doing its business in a legally and ethical manner. The company has been focusing on various laws. The company has also formulated a stringent code of conduct in order to promote the idea of corporate social responsibility. Every stakeholder is encouraged to be part of this practice in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Dell Incorporation has also been using powerful collaborative initiatives in an attempt to empower more people in different communities. This practice has been making it easier for the company to bring together more companies and investor. This collaborative approach has made it easier for many activists and communities to address most of the issues affecting them. The company has also been promoting new practices such as freedom of expression in different third world societies (Carroll & Bucktooth 2014). Dell has been a pioneer and leader on various issues such as climate change and labor rights.

This discussion highlights some unique competencies and ideas that define the CARS of this company. Conclusions and Recommendations for Dell Incorporation Ethical business behaviors are critical towards the success of various corporations such as Dell Incorporation. The internal leadership at Dell has been encouraging ethical practices that can produce the best results. However, the company has not been able to achieve most of the best outcomes. That being the case, the firm can use the best codes of conduct to over the practices and behaviors of every employee (Towards & Kola 2013).

Such a code of conduct can be critical towards supporting the needs of shareholders, local communities, and business partners. The company can introduce new principles in an attempt to promote the best CARS practice (Walden 2011). The major principles that can support the company’s goals include the following: Complying with various ethical and legal standards, maintaining a clean business culture, promoting the rights of different individuals, respecting stakeholders, supporting the environment, and striving hard to become a socially-responsible firm.

The leaders at Dell should also continue new ideas that can promote its concept of corporate social responsibility (CARS). The company should also be ready to support every unfortunate member of the community. This should be done in every unfortunate society across the world. The company should also ensure every employee complies with different industrial standards (Towards & Kola 2013). Such approaches will support the company’s goals and eventually make it competitive in the computer technology industry. Dell should also demand its suppliers to sign a document called ‘Supplier Code of Conduct.

This approach will reduce every unethical behavior in the company’s practice. This practice can be critical towards dealing with different malpractices that can affect the company’s performance. The company can also draft a new code of conduct that applies to every segment, manager, and employee. This approach will eventually produce the best outcomes. In conclusion, Dell Incorporation is a successful company that focuses on the best ethical practices. List of References Carroll, A & Bucktooth, A 2014, Business and Society: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management, NY: Coinage Brain, New York.