Internationalization a two way street; First way,

is to provide the most relevant education to students, and drive them to
improve their skills required in the 21st century.
Today, internationalization functions as a two
way street; First way, help student to achieve their goals and obtain a quality
education. Second way, gives students an opportunity for “real world, real
time” experiential learning in areas that cannot simply be taught. On the other
hand, they may gain a worldwide reputation, as well as a foothold in the
international higher education community, and rise to meet the challenges associated
with globalization (Hénard 2012). Internationalization of higher education is
the top stage of international relations among universities and it is no longer
regarded as a goal in itself, but as a means to improve the quality of

it can be  described  as the
process of integrating an international, intercultural and global dimension
into the goals, teaching/learning, research and service functions of a  higher education system’.
Internationalization emphasizes the relationship between and among nations,
people, cultures, institutions, and systems while globalization stresses the
concept of worldwide flow of economy, ideas, culture, etc. Also, internationalization
of higher education has been criticized to be the process of international
competition by having more foreign students from special countries in order to
generate revenues, secure national profile, and build international reputation
(Taskoh 2014).

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The Erasmus Program was established in 1987 with a student exchange
program. Erasmus Plus is a new program
combining all the EU’s current schemes for education, which started in January
2014. Students who join the Erasmus Program study at least 3 months or do an
internship period for 2 months to an academic year in another European country.

Erasmus Program guarantees that the period spent abroad is recognized by their
university when they come back, as long as they abide by terms previously
agreed. A main part of the program is that
students do not pay extra tuition fees to the university that they visit.
Students can also apply for an Erasmus grant to help them in covering the
additional expenses of living abroad. Students with disabilities can apply for
an additional grant to cover extraordinary expenses. In order to reduce
expenses and increase mobility, many students also use the European
Commission-supported accommodation network, CasaSwap, Flat Club, Erasmusinn,Eurasmus, Eras mate or Student Mundial, which
are free websites where students and young people can rent, sublet, offer and
swap accommodation – on a national and international basis. In addition to a
derived benefit that students can share knowledge and exchange tips and hints
with each other before and after going abroad (Diego2016).

entered the Erasmus program, one of the most popular exchange program for
student in Europe, which gives an amazing opportunity to study abroad between
three and twelve months in another European country. Unfortunately, in Lebanon
there is low numbers of applicants in this program for many obstacles faced by
the students abroad according to the office at MYBS in 2016.