Internet against unwanted malware, viruses or phishing.

Internet users acrossthe world have been askingwhat is new inBitdefender 2018 with the aim of comparing its features and offerings withthose of other types of antivirus software.

Few tech sites have conducted a systematicBitdefender 2018 product review over the past week, and so users may not havenumerous sites to visit when they want to assess the qualities of the antivirussoftware. Bitdefender 2018, which has one of the broadest arrays of protectivefeatures, sets the standard with ultrafast quick scans, minimal systemperformance overhead, and the ability to customize most aspects of computerprotection. Any Bitdefender 2018 products review editorial would be incompletewithout the mention of Bitdefender 2018’s easy systems and requirements set-upprocess.Bitdefender 2018’sSystem Requirements and InstallationSimilar to otherantivirus software applications, Bitdefender can be installed in differentMicrosoft operating systems with relative ease. BitDefender 2017 and 2018 canboth be configured in a few predefined modes, or its settings can be manuallyadjusted.

The main preset modes are:• the autopilot mode• the work profile;• the movie mode;• the game profile;• the public WiFimodule;• the battery modeprofile;You can activate,configure and even adapt all of them as per your needs or your computerhardware. Bitdefender scans the installed applications to find if any bad fileis running on a user’s computer or mobile device. BitDefender 2018 also checksthe integrity of the installed apps and warns computer owners when somethingunusual appears.Bitdefender 2018’s webscanner module is automatically integrated into the browser and protectsagainst unwanted malware, viruses or phishing. The module is compatible withthe leading browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.Its protectionincludes:• SSL scanning;• Protection againstfraud• Search Advisor;• Protection againstphishing attemptsThe shield integratesinto the said browser as soon as it runs for the first time right after theinstallation of BitDefender.

Activation of this extension is optional andinstalling is only with a user’s confirmation. If the user wishes to visitinfected sites, BitDefender will immediately issue an alert to warn ofimpending attacks. The module is very configurable and can be setup towhite-list sites, based on user preferences. BitDefender 2018 also includes anewly introduced feature, which allows the user to find the weakness of his orher WiFi network. Based on its suggestions, the user can change the routerpassword or modify the configuration of his or her computer or mobile device toprevent any hacker’s attacks.

The feature is also handy if a user desires toconnect to a mobile hotspot. If this module is active on a user’s device,BitDefender 2018 will immediately indicate the most secure wireless network toopt for. Bitdefender 2018 also comes with a file shredder which allows the userto delete a file or a folder’s entire content permanently. Moreover, the filesare not recoverable through the use of various recovery applications. The userhas to be sure that he or she will not be in need of any files that are putthrough the file shredder, as there is no way to reaccess them after deletingthem. In particular, this feature comes in handy in provisions where there iscomputer sharing among multiple users, and one of them desires to remove anytrace of his or her activity.Bitdefender 2018 iscompatible with Microsoft operating systems like the Windows 7 Service Pack 1(KB976932), the Windows 8, 8.

1 and the Windows 10. Moreover, on installing thisantivirus on a computer system that is running on the macOS, it cannot beextended to cover a Windows installation system on the Mac in question. Its newprovision for separate Windows installation, however, is what is new inBitdefender 2018.

Users can now install Bitdefender 2018 directly in Windows,rather than seeking to find ways to do so through macOS. The fact that Macusers have better ease of operations than those who use Windows, though, hasbeen reiterated in the few trusted Bitdefender 2018 product review sites thathave performed an analysis of the antivirus properties.The Installation ofBitdefender 2018 in Mobile DevicesThe mobile version ofBitdefender is known as BitDefender Mobile Security, and it is necessary tohave a device running at least Android 3.0 Honeycomb to install and useBitDefender on a mobile device. The improved use of the antivirus in mobiledevices can also be said to be what is new in Bitdefender 2018.

BitDefenderAntivirus Plus 2018, whose .apk version is accessible through download fromGoogle Play Store, is compatible with Mac and Android. In case of a Mac, theoperating system should be OS X Mavericks (version 10.

9.5). Other features thatcomprise what is new in Bitdefender 2018 include Ransomware protection and WiFisecurity advisor. Previous applications of Bitdefender only contained the applicationsscanner, the file protection antivirus, the vulnerabilities scanner, and theweb scanner. Also, In earlier versions of Bitdefender, the applications scannercould be configured by hackers to allow some potentially dangerous scripts torun on computers or mobile devices.Unique Aspects ofBitdefender 2018As detailed in aselect number of Bitdefender 2018 product reviews, there are differentdevelopments in the 2018 version of the antivirus application. What is new inBitdefender 2018 includes increased webcam protection, advanced threat defencemechanisms, reinforced firewall protection, and the presence of safe files.

Bitdefender 2018’s webcam protection continuously observes all applicationsthat attempt to access a user’s camera, and will automatically block those thatcome from suspicious sources. The webcam protection function in Bitdefender2018 uses Bitdefender Whitelist to determine which applications may bepermitted to access a given user’s webcam. Bitdefender 2018 product reviewarticles have also pointed out that the new version’s advanced threat defenceutilizes advanced heuristic methods to guard against threats such asransomware. This new property correlates any suspicious behaviours to increasedetection of threats to computers and mobile devices. Bitdefender 2018 also hasa distinctive firewall that provides extra protection for users’ personalinformation. While this function has always been present in Bitdefender soft,what is new in Bitdefender 2018 is that the antivirus’s firewall has beenrestricted to enhance usability while also facilitating improved management ofapplication files. Bitdefender 2018 also sports a new safe files function whichencrypts files as a way of protecting users against malicious ransomware.

Basedon the information provided by a few Bitdefender 2018 product reviews, userswill also be able to receive updates about the latest applications of theantivirus from product updates.