Internet Boon or Curse Essay

Internet is Boon or Curse Introduction: As the technology and Science develops towards development on one side, lot of harmful things are happening on other side. Science and Technology is a vast subject. Time will not be enough to discuss about that vast subject. So let see a drop of that ocean which is nothing but ‘Internet’.

The usage of internet is such a drastic improvement and the number of users day by day increasing. Even children in school education are very much familiar about the internet and its usage.At the beginning, when computer are introduced, people are against the computer since it reduces the manpower and so many people will be unemployment. But after few years, situation changed. Now without computer, it is impossible to make things better and now all the organizations are computerized. The same situation is going on for internet usage today. Without internet, the communication will be very difficult. The following are few of the usage of internet, which is mandatory nowadays.

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1. Banks 2. Railways 3.

Airway 4.Travels like Bus transport 5. Universities 6.

Schools and colleges The above said usages are very important nowadays. Without internet they will be in very much critical position. Even to say, it will affect regular life of human beings.

Nowadays most of the houses are having internet connection to communicate with friends or relatives who lives abroad and far off. This will be cost effective whereas by using telephonic conversation rates will be high when compared to video chat through internet. Negative effects of internet:While using internet, there are some things which are negative and ruin the human life. Some websites are very harmful to the human mind. Even some websites are changing the mental attitude of youngsters which makes their mind to forget about their career. Nowadays so many people are going behind Social networking sites.

There are some social networking site which helps to improve their knowledge, business and social responsibilities whereas some social networking sites are dealing only with dating and chatting.This will affect the culture of a nation and also spoils the mind of the youngsters. Next one is forwarding the MMS clips through internet.

The videos which are private are leaked through MMS and also through Internet by putting in some sites. People especially young girls are victims of such acts. So what is the solution? Government should control harmful websites in our country. Since India is famous for tradition, culture and worship. So Government should monitor the websites which are used by most of the people.Thus they can control the wrong things to be planted as seeds in the human mind especially the younger generation. So Government should propose a strict law against the unwanted websites. Next responsibility goes to parents.

Parents should monitor their children about their activities in the internet. They should know what their child doing with the internet. A complete monitoring is a must to avoid any dangerous effect on children. Users should have self responsibility when using the internet. They should think about their family values, our Indian culture, about their education and career path.If they start to think about these things, definitely our Science and technology will be of great use. Conclusion: As the usage of knife depends on the user, use of internet also depends on the users.

Internet is really a great boon to our country. We can make use of internet to develop our country by changing illiterates to literate people. Thus we can make our India to be a top country in 2020 as our ex-President Dr.

Abdul Kalam wish. We all should work for that and make our country a great India. Hope for the Best!