Internet Technology: Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Internet Technology: Advantages and Disadvantages            Indeed, people have emerged from being sole Homo sapiens to modern people who live in a world where technology is rapidly increasing. Their continuous quests towards development lead to many discoveries and success in the present time. One of its latest innovations is the Internet. However, every thing has pros and cons just like philosophies have believers and skeptics. The Internet technology is not an exception.            Contrary to what most people believe, Internet is not only about World Wide Web and Electronic Mail but also a business tool.

It has several advantages especially for a fast-paced world where people currently reside. One of the internet’s main benefits is communication. Before internet takes place, snail mail and other strenuous modes of communication were being used. Unlike before, communicating globally has never been easy.

An access to the internet allows a person not only to send messages but also to view another person no matter how distant they are from one another. It is both useful for personal and business concerns. It aids marketing strategies and services like online banking, application, purchasing products and many more. Moreover, Internet is also used as an intensive source of information. Professionals, students and other people whose passionate is reading no longer need to go to libraries just to feed their minds.

Several books, journals, articles, and current news are already accessible with just a second away from the search engine.            On the other hand, abusive people also benefits from the Internet. Many illegal activities from simple to more complicated ones are visible here. It is a source of viruses, message spam, pornography and even theft of personal information. It is a sad truth that there are wicked people who use their knowledge to satisfy their selfishness.