Internship psychiatry department aims to: 1. Integrate

                                             Internship institution

Ankara Ibn-Sina University hospital was developed in 1985 in S?hhiye Campus with 1286 beds an inpatient setting, 16 blocks, and had 22 active clinics, since hospital give qualified health care. To keep patients in comfort surroundings beds and rooms were revised, so the number of beds was redused to 902. An overage range of outpatients per year is about 25.000, an overage range of inpatients are 750 (Ankara University School of Medicine, 2014).

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The Mission

 The first medical school of the Turkish republic, hospital offer equipped physicians and provide best health care; to improve scientific research and medical education. 

The Vision

 To be known in Turkey and in the World with advanced education, research, and service provision.


1.      Scientific, innovative and research approach based on team work.

2.      Commitment to ethical values

3.      Reliability and accountability

4.      Respects for the rights of employee, to patients and relatives

Ankara university hospital of mental health and diseases started work in the military hospital Gülhane clinic of neuropsychiatry in 1941. In 1970 mental health and diseases hospital moved to Cebeci, now it has 180-bed capacity. The department of mental health and diseases has started many contemporary practices in field of psychiatry. Child psychiatry was found by Dr. Mualla Öztürk in 1987, day time hospital was found by Dr. Gülören Ünlüo?lu and Ish?k Say?l was found the center for psychiatric crisis management and research center in 1989.

As a requirement of academic work, different units are provided:

Forensic psychiatry, alcohol and substance dependence, adolescent psychiatric unit, consultation liaison psychiatry unit, psychosomatic medicine unit, day time hospital, geriatric psychiatry unit, psychosis services, policlinic unit (Ruh sa?l??? ve Hastal?klar?, 2014).

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry (CLP) has been existence since 1994 by the leadership of Hakan Kumbasar. From the date of it establishment CLP continue to work in the Ibn-Sina Hospital and Cebeci hospital campuses, serving about 2500 patients in both hospitals.

Consultation- Liaison psychiatry focuses upon a clinical and academic integration of psychiatry across medical and surgical services (Ankara University, CLP, 2014).


Consultaton Liaison psychiatry department aims to:

      1. Integrate psychiatry across medicine and healthcare

      2. Develop academic and clinical collaborations with other medical disciplines

      3. To educate and train the members of the treatment team and experts who can start and            continue work of CL psychiatry service in other hospitals.

      4. Develop skills to recognize medically induced psychiatric symptoms and manage them.

The Consultation Liaison psychiatry team provide services in multiple areas of expertise and training including psychosomatic medicine, psychological reactions in medical cases and treatments, informative meetings for Behcet’s patients in a dermatology clinic, supportive group of psychotherapy for hemodialysis patients in nefrology clinic (Ankara University, CLP, 2014).

Treatment team: Chief of the CL psychiatry service is Prof. Dr. Hakan Kumbasar who at the same time internist and psychiatrist by training. Uzm. Doktor Berker Duman teaching staff, psychologist Tu?ba Ayaz, research assistant Dr. Fuad Bash?rov, research assistant Dr. Kamran Aliyev and 2 assistants who come to the rotation for 3 months training and interns who change every month (Ankara University, 2014).