Internship Programme In Auto Discounts Business Essay

This study is chiefly about the internship programme in Auto Discounts Sdn Bhd which run Carlist.

my, a free used auto classified portal web site. It operates as a medium for people who either wants to publicize their used auto for free or tends to purchase a auto. The occupation range for interns screens migration, selling, services, and operation. There are jobs related to the acknowledgment of trade name but somehow it is the exposure and promotion of the web site that need to be enhanced. In fact, deficiency of lasting staff causes the unequal preparation for housemans which would execute inefficaciously to run into the undertaking. In this study, I besides suggested some recommendations that can better their productiveness every bit good as their efficiency in presenting their merchandises and services. Within this preparation period, I have gained a batch of experience and cognition that will decidedly assist me in my future projects.

RecognitionAt the really beginning, I would wish to take this chance to show my particular thanks to all the persons that had been supported and assisting me in this past two months. First, I would wish to admit my particular thanks to my internship supervisor, Mr Teoh Weng Foo for his support and aid during my internship period. His supervising and support that gave me genuinely help the patterned advance and smoothness of my internship plan.My darling director Mr Teoh Yew Jin, for his kindness, advice, cognition, forbearance, her cherished clip, encouragement, uninterrupted counsel, supportive thoughts and constructive unfavorable judgment throughout this internship. I learn to be a confident individual during this internship plans due to her valuable advice and counsel from her.Not forgotten to show my thanks to all my co-workers for sharing their experiences, clip and committedness during this internship plan. I am thankful because I have their support and advice throughout my completing of internship plan.Apart from that, the internship plan makes me realized the existent value of working together as a squad and exposed to a new working environment, which are challenges for me every second.

Last but non least, particular thanks besides to En Raziff – Head of International Business lector, School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship that have encourage, support and assist me in finishing this plan successfully.Company ProfileThe company that I had been located for my industrial preparation is named Auto Discounts Sdn Bhd with their website known as This company is situated at Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana. Basically, is a Free online auto classified web site which brings convenience to all the Sellerss and purchasers. is Malaysia No.1 auto classifieds with over 30.000 auto listings and more than 300,000 users interested in purchasing autos every month. Carlist.

my is one of the most valuable online belongingss. It assist used auto Sellerss to convey possible purchasers by holding their auto classified listed on As a consequence, auto purchasers will be able to seek from huge stock list of used auto listings and happen the right auto easy with the alone auto hunt characteristic.

Many purchasers ca n’t happen the right auto for the right monetary value because Sellerss do non pay to put their ads in classified. Auto Discounts had been turning quickly for the past two old ages and yet, it is still turning now. There are engaging a big figure of housemans as portion of corporate societal duty every bit good as to assist in concern growing. Apart from that, working in, we will be exposed to different facets of concern operations such as direction, logistics, selling and gross revenues, every bit good as client service.

Figure 1.1.1 illustrates the layout of the web site.Figure 1.

1.1As Carlist is an on-line auto classified web site, it targets on a niche or narrow market. This allows them to be more focal point in their Research and Development, trusting that to go the first and largest classified site as similar to Jobstreet.

com or aid used auto Sellerss reach possible purchaser by holding their autos listed on Carlist.

my. has enormous potency to turn in the hereafter.The company is registered under the undermentioned reference:Car price reductions Sdn Bhd ( 798161-H )E160, East Wing, Metropolitan Square,Jalan PJU 8, Bandar Damansara Perdana,47820 PJ, Selangor.

Telephone: 03 77100199 Facsimile: 03 7710 0197Web site: www.carlist.myHistory of ConstitutionCar Discounts Sdn Bhd was established on December 2007 by Mr.

Teoh Yew Jin. The web site of was so successfully launched on February 2009. It took 2 old ages to be officially launched for populace. After the web site established for 6 months, it had gathered 17000-18000 autos advertised in the website despite that each auto advertizement will be deleted after 60 yearss. It surely proved that have the possible to increase dramatically its popularity and being used widely in country such as Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang in a short clip. presently reaches over 480,000 auto purchasers every month and they view 9,000,000 pages. Besides, Carlist.

my users are ready purchasers. They spend about 10 proceedingss looking for autos every clip as they visit the site.Organizational StructureNature of BusinessBasically, Carlist.

my is focus on on-line service sector and now it is turning quickly in order to rule the auto website infinite in Malaysia. It has clearly captured the auto classifieds market as a consequence of supplying a better experience method compared to traditional print listings.Presents, online users are able to seek for their favorite autos they wish to hold merely with a chink on mouse. What they need to make is merely utilize the search/ progress hunt button characteristic in our web site. They can contract down their hunt consequences with the options such as monetary value, twelvemonth, location, theoretical account every bit good as twelvemonth manufactured.

It is a really fast hunt consequences which including inside informations, auto images and even some picture. As has been proven worldwide, the taking auto classified sites in each market gaining control enormous portion of automotive advertisement in a really short infinite of is a auto site that provides a platform for people to sell their autos. We do non have or keep the autos ourselves

Type of Ownership

Car Discounts Sdn Bhd was a little company when it is established, so it does n’t affect in many large investors during that clip. It is merely a few friends of Mr Teoh Yew Jin and himself came up with some money to organize the company. A computing machine applied scientist by preparation, Yew Jin co-founded in 2009 with his university mate.

Mr. Teoh Yew Jin is the 1 that manage and run the company, while the others are investors. Hence, during that clip I would sort it as a type of partnership with friends.However, due to the this company has turning quickly with the successful of web site in these recent old ages, a large corporation named Catcha Media has an oculus on Auto Discounts Sdn Bhd as Catcha Media feel that the web site has a great potency to be farther improved and go the Malaysia No.1 Car Classified Web Portal. Thus, in the in-between one-fourth of twelvemonth 2012, Catcha Media decided to purchase 50 % portion of this company and put mostly in Auto Discounts Sdn Bhd in order for it to turn further in the on-line service sector.

Catcha Media is listed on the Malayan Bourse ACE market, is one of South East Asia ‘s largest and most dynamic media groups. Catcha Media ‘s concerns span on-line media, publication and e-commerce with all of them lending to a combined range of about 10 million people per month. As Catcha bought the portion and investing, it has provided a encouragement for Auto Discounts Sdn Bhd in all facets with the big investing provided by Catcha Media and resolved the job faced by Auto Discounts Sdn Bhd in the recent old ages which is short of money supply for them to farther turn the company. As a consequence, it can be said as a great twelvemonth for Auto Discounts Sdn Bhd in this twelvemonth with the understanding of partnership with Catcha Media.Figure 5.0: Chart shows per centum of portion that stockholders hold in Auto Discounts Sdn. Bhd.

Knowledge/ Experience gainedCommunication accomplishmentsWe all use linguistic communication to pass on, to show ourselves, to acquire our thoughts across, and to link with the people to whom we are talking. As you all know, communicating is critical in nearing people and presenting intended message particularly in the manner of persuade and affecting others. Today it is really necessary to pass on good particularly in a service sector like and particularly for those who are seeking information and inquiring for enquiry. Throughout this internship preparation period, I had learnt to pass on with different people in different state of affairs.

In other words, it really improves my communicating accomplishments. For case, when I am out for site visit, it taught me on how to pass on and cover with different sort of clients. As an illustration, during the preparation period, I had faced some awful clients where they have some particular petition which is over what we can make for them and it is against our company policy every bit good.

At this clip, I need to utilize a right tone to explicate to them in order to do them understand our state of affairs. We are non a foreman that can make up one’s mind everything and this is our company policy. By this manner, hope that they can truly understand our current state of affairs but we will still assist as what we can.

Furthermore, communicating between subsidiaries plays an indispensable portion internally every bit good as for the whole organisation. This is because we are working under a squad non an person. It is of import to avoid any misinterpretation between subsidiaries every bit good as enhance our quality of work.Apart from that, communicating accomplishments need to be applied while I am making contact petition.

I have been assigned to manage services calls from clients with different petition. Hence, I am deriving experiences in listening and understanding client ‘s petition. My communicating accomplishments gave me self assurance while interacting with everyone else.Technical accomplishmentsDuring this preparation period, specific proficient accomplishment is needed for certain undertakings such as bulkloading procedure. I get the chance to working on acquiring natural informations and images into the right signifier so that it can be automatically bulk loaded into web site and therefore deriving exposure on how mechanization in informations burden is done. In executing bulk burden procedure, it requires some cognition on cyberspace, package and system in order to manage it good during the majority burden procedure.

There are specific proficient accomplishments for bulkload system every bit good as to work out those particular issues and instances happened during bulkload procedure. For illustration, sometimes there will be some mistake occur due to the mistake in the informations input sheet that been cardinal in. Therefore, I need to cognize what the job is foremost merely can happen a manner to repair the mistake in a short clip.

This is a good experience for me as it increases my self-management degree every bit good as my job work outing accomplishments.Presentation accomplishmentsWhen I have been assigned for site visit by my supervisor, it truly requires me to hold a good and mature presentation accomplishment when covering with clients. Site visit requires face-to-face presentation which makes my presentation accomplishments improves by springs and bounds. Furthermore, I am able to derive an penetration on how to cover with different people at different state of affairs. It besides trained my assurance degree and to be more active when speaking and explicating to client. I must non give up on explicating more and be brave when nearing clients.TeamworkDuring this preparation period, I ever been assigned into squads or working with different housemans for different undertaking particularly when went for site visit.

Thus, I have been trained to work together with different people in any fortunes and have the sense of corporation. In, most of the undertakings we need to finish it in squad. It is really hard for an person to complete the undertaking by itself.Stress Management SkillHonestly, being stressed out was ever my failing. This is considered a new practical environment for me as I faced a batch of mental strain in footings of accommodating to the new work environment at first every bit good as adapt to get by with different challenges that I need to be faced. However, I have to pull off it and larn a better manner to quiet myself down when working in an environment such as Carlist.

my. it proves that being unagitated and do myself clear is the lone manner to get the better of the barrier of work that I faced alternatively of terror and emphasis. As an illustration, I have to be able to carry through the complicated undertaking given such as bulk burden. It acquires a measure by measure procedure without doing any mistake.Time Management SkillsDuring my internship period I have learnt promptness and the significance of clip in an organisation. I have realized that clip direction is an of import component of work. My practical acquisition has taught me to prioritise and form my work harmonizing to agenda that enabled me to finish my undertakings in the allotted clip.

Besides that, I besides realize that of import point is that clip direction is non acquiring tonss of material done, because there are much more of import than to do certain that I am working on the right things, the things that genuinely need to be done. I ‘m able to utilize my clip in a much more balanced and effectual manner. Bettering clip direction accomplishments can even assist me to acquire better consequences by making less work, because I ‘m concentrating on the things that truly of import instead than all the low-priority busy work that merely maintain me busy all the clip.Problems/ ChallengesLack of trade name acknowledgment and reputeHonestly speech production, Carlist.

my is new and has been launched for about 2 old ages. is still doing the attempt of going the most popular in on-line service sector that focus merely on auto. It is really similar to which holds the top ranking among on-line service sector and going one of the strong rivals in the industry. This is clearly showed when I tried to present Carlist.

my to single auto marketer, most of the clip I would happen them wholly no thought about our company. There are some clients that compared with Mudah.

my. They will get down kicking that there is no response from when they paid to do their auto listings upload on our web site. Surprisingly it happens to some bing users every bit good. As a consequence, it proved that still have much more to make in order to derive the acknowledgment from the populace.

Work LoadMy following challenges that I faced would be reacting to work burden. At first, it truly took me some clip to accommodate and settle in the new environment. Learning a new work particularly in the beginning while at the same clip reacting to supervisor who assigned me the undertakings to be completed in a short clip was a great challenge for me in a multitasking universe presents. Furthermore, emphasis created by the workplace or by personal concern creates sense of anxiousness and concern which lead to deflecting in my day-to-day work.

As an illustration, in the first twenty-four hours I have been assigned with informations entry and contact petition as my first undertaking. I besides have been told that for those who making informations entry, there will be a mark for them to accomplish that is at least 180 of autos informations in a twenty-four hours. It was truly a great challenge for me as a new houseman here.Lack of experient lasting employeesIn this company, there are about 20 housemans that are more than the lasting bing staff which are merely 10.

It can be considered as a wise program for company ‘s budgeting to finance and develop in other section. However, the whole operation seems to be unstable and deficiency of endowment in the company. As you all know, one batch of housemans merely works for merely 2-6 months. When the clip they finished their preparation, there will be new batch of housemans enrolled. Therefore, the company will hold to get down it over once more to develop them in the full undertaking and in my sentiment this is blowing of clip.

Incomplete of cognition transferred from experient housemans to new housemans might do deformation when executing their undertaking.Differences in civilizationCulture differences contribute to conflict among employees. These differences present challenges in the workplace particularly in the ways and manners in showing their thought. The differ in civilization lead to communication barrier that is normally happen in the workplace that besides occur in Carlist.

my. This is due to each person will hold different in their positions. Apart from that, some tensenesss are originating between employees and clients due to the ways they speak to each other. For case, some of the clients are really awful and it makes us faced trouble in communicate with them and finally brings to misconstruing. There are besides struggles happens among colleagues.

This is happen when the message delivered is non clear and do non voice out what they need in a clearly signifier. Finally, it creates a septum in between and do their work become uneffective.Suggestions and is a company which has the purpose to go the first web site where people will hold a thought on it when they tend to purchase or sell a auto. need to demo attempt in developing trade name acknowledgment. This can be done by specifying trade name differentiation. Carlist.

my may offer services, separately or in interesting bundles that assist people in a particular manner. Possibly offer the best client support and service in the industry. Traditional advertisement constructs must germinate to makes alterations offered by World Wide Web. It is critical to keep the image of the bing concern and happen ways to widen the trade name differentiation in online sector.

It is of import to give clients a ground to make concern with us alternatively of your competition. should happen out the manner to makes concern better and so play those advantages to their fullest in the cyberspace market place.

We have to pass on those advantages to online shoppers every bit good as construct their credibleness and trust. It is indispensable in presenting the services expeditiously, courteously our company are.I recommend that our company supervisor should schedule all the events of our twenty-four hours from start to complete. Supervisor should purely supervise our advancement such as phone calls that we make, meting that we attend every bit good as errands that we must run, agenda everyday activities like registering paper files and look intoing electronic mails. Strictly holding a scheduled twenty-four hours puts us in control of what to make following alternatively of promoting us to stall the work. Supervisor can implement a clip direction program. The aim is to alter our behaviour over clip to accomplish general end that we set for ourselves.

For illustration, it includes increasing our productiveness or diminishing our emphasis every bit good.In my sentiment, should engage more lasting staff alternatively of housemans. This is to do certain that the lasting staff can to the full pull off the procedure of developing new housemans. Structured developing employment plans become of import for organisations when they need to carry through critical demands. For illustration, organisations with low client service satisfaction evaluations need to find why representatives fail to run into client ‘s outlooks. Classroom or distance learning solutions utilizing web-based conferencing package provide chances to see picture sketchs picturing managing hard clients.

In add-on to call-handling books, pattern derived from construction preparation plans prepares client service representatives to manage dissatisfied people from any civilization. As a consequence, client satisfaction evaluations improve. This validates the demand for a structured execution in contrast with informal counsel to employees. The company must do certain that the preparation that provide for company ‘s employees gives the accomplishments and knowledge demand to win at their occupations. At the same clip, the plan should guarantee that developing plan benefits the company and contributes to the company.It is the demand to pull offing cultural diverseness in the workplace. Supplying informant accurately and quickly is critical to effectual work and squad public presentation. To decide the job deficiency of communicating, we must listen pityingly and should acknowledge each other for holding expressed his/ her position and feelings.

Avoid thought of a counter statement while the other individual is talking. Anyway, listen to the other individual ‘s position instead than listening to your ain ideas and do n’t do an attempt to retrieve points. In order to construct strong concern relationships, communicating between the company and the clients must be present, along with communicating between the company and its employees. Communication must be enlightening, clear, precise and good thought out or talk in order for a concern to run swimmingly.

Without proper communicating, a concern can non boom because there is no manner to cognize what is traveling on within the company.DecisionIn decision, there were many things that I have experience and learnt during the two months of my Industrial Training at Auto Discounts Sdn Bhd. The whole preparation period was really motivative, informative and challenging. Through this preparation I was able to derive new penetrations and more comprehensive apprehension about the existent industry working status and pattern. The two months arrangement besides has provided me the chances to develop and better my soft accomplishments every bit good as my functional accomplishments.

All of this valuable experience and cognition that I have gained were non merely acquired through the direct engagement in undertaking given but besides through other facet of the preparation such as work observation, interaction with co-workers, superior, and others third party related to the company. I besides took portion in the site visit which I am able to cover with different sort of clients. From what I have undergone, I am agree that the industrial preparation plan have achieve its full primary aim. It’s besides the best ways to fix pupil in order to confront the existent on the job life. As a consequence of the plan now I am now more confident to come in the employment universe and construct my future calling.