Interperating The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks Essay

1. Who is speaking? In this excerpt of the novel The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks, Allie is the main speaker. In the beginning of the book she starts out as Noah’s girl friend, and she then becomes his wife. At the time she is writing this letter she is old, probably about seventy or so. There is no reference to her physical appearance in the letter, but she does describe Noah as having speckles of gray in his hair at one point.

I would imagine Allie to be wearing her pajama’s when she is writing this letter, because she tells him in the note that she will soon be joining him in bed, and he is already sound asleep. Her posture is most likely hunched over a little bit because she is writing, and age has most likely taken its toll on her. Allie’s social status has nothing to do with this letter, but I know that she is a southern socialite, and her family has money. (Now, nearly fifty years later, I”m not sure what their status in life was.

)2. To whom is the speaker speaking? The audience of Allie’s letter is Noah Calhoun, her beloved husband and best friend. This is made very obviously because of the fact that it is a letter- and the first line is: Dear Noah. The relationship between Allie and Noah goes deeper than any relationship in any book I”ve ever read. The kind of love expressed and shown by these two characters takes my breath away. The letter tells Noah that she (Allie) loves him deeply, and he is her best friend, her lover, her everything. Their relationship is very much closed (marriage normally is), yet open at the same time because they are best friends and tell each other everything.

3. Where is the speaker located in space? Allie is sitting at a desk, I would imagine that sits in the bedroom she shared with Noah. She is writing by candle light, so this makes me think that she is trying not to wake Noah up, because he is already asleep in their bed. The setting for this part of the book is quiet and peaceful- just like the characters in the novel. The setting really has nothing to do with the rest of the book, Allie is just using a desk in her room to write a letter to Noah. This particular desk never comes up again in book.4. When is the speaker speaking? The time of day that Allie is writing this letter is at night, I would assume about ten or eleven o”clock pm.

I say this because Allie mentions that Noah is already asleep and she is about to go to bed as well. The day of the week and month are not specified either, the letter is not dated. The letter was not inspired by any particular event, Allie just wanted her husband to know that she loved him and always will- regardless of her disease. Past and present tense are used in the letter.Allie wrote about how she spent the night with Noah, then left the following day- but she came back. She remembers all the good times they had together, her career, their children. In the end Allie states that wherever you are, and whenever this is, I love you.

I love you now as I write this, and I love you now as you read this. Allie does not move from the desk, she write the letter until it is finished and she has said all she needed to say.5. Why doe the speaker utter these words? Allie wrote the letter to Noah to let him know that she has lived the greatest life possible, her life with him. She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and knows that soon she will not be able to remember who he is, and what they have been through together. Allie writes to Noah in a very seriously manner, helping him understand what she is going through, and that her feelings for him will never change no matter what.

6. How does the speaker speak? The scene is in the form of a letter, and this letter is of a very serious nature. The main subject of this letter is love and the importance of a strong relationship. The images used are mostly along the lines of “I love you, and don”t know what I would have done without you in my life” sort of ideas. They all lead up to the theme however, which I mentioned before was love.

Allie’s diction is very formal, for she is proclaiming her everlasting love to Noah, and she soon will be forgetful of their love and life together. Her thoughts are organized according to the first time they were ever together and how she knew he always had her heart, to the end where they will finish their lives together in a nursing home. They are very associational as well, for Allie starts out by talking about how much Noah had taught the children, then goes into how he taught her as well.

(And supported and encouraged etc.)7. What does the speaker say? Allie was remember her life with Noah, and how wonderful it was. She was basically telling a story, the story of their life together, and putting it down on paper so she would never forget.